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  • Lillian is playing with her slave

Custom clip request 

The slave is sitting on a mattress against a wall in a basement. Enter Lillian dressed as in "Lillian and the prisioner", the same short the same shoes with the top of "Lillian playing with her pet". We always see her full length. 

She sits very close next to him and crosses one leg over the slave's leg. 

 She strokes the slave's hair in a fake affectionate attitude. Spreading legs while talking

-Hello pet, you will be great and serve me to win the "pain contest" this year. You're not going to be a bad boy, right?

The slave nods crying.

She laughs, brings her head close to the slave's head and films with the cell phone.

-Hello, I am Lillain and this year I will win the pain contest. My pet is willing to suffer,  I am going to do for days and days. He will endure like a true man without dying. Will you do that for my little pet?

The slave nods crying.

-Please I don't want to suffer-he asks.

-You must be a man and help this little girl to win the contest this year.

She stands up and starts with punches, kicks, knees in the testicles. When the slave falls she takes a baseball bat and hits it all over the body until he falls.

She moves it with her foot.

-You are still here?

The slave groans and cries.

"He still lives," she says, jumping with joy and taking out several selfies smiling and in different positions, resting her knees on the slave.

She bends down and caresses the slave.

-You earned some rest time.

The image melts to black.

"Day 2"

The slave groans and cries on the mattress. We see that he is very beaten, full of bruises and scars. 

She enters (always same costumes) and sits in the position of the picture.

 -Good day pet. It is time to suffer-she says

He grabs his head crying

-Are you ok?- she asks

-My head hurts a lot-he says

-It's very normal, yesterday I was hitting your head with a baseball bat. You are lucky not to have a broken head- she says laughing

She speaks to camera.

-Now my fans you will know because I am the terror of my slaves.

She starts with a trampling session. Leaning against the wall she steps on his chest with high heels, on his thighs, on his testicles, resting a stilletto on his cheek. (always speaks to camera)

-Now I will break some teeth.

Start pressing with the stylletto until we hear noise from teeth that break.

She laughs and continues with her stilettos breaking his hands, his knees and his testicles.

-Don't you dare to be finished. Not yet.

"Day 3"

The slave is sitting on the mattress moaning and crying. She enters and sits next to him. She places her dominant leg on his head then on his legs.

-Today is the day of broken bones- she says laughing.

It hits him and then breaks his fingers, arms and knees.

Then she kicks him to walk. She laughs seeing that the slave is broken and can't walk. She kicks it more.

She talks to the camera.

-Look, it's just a broken puppet.

She looks at her cell phone. Jumping for joy:

-We have won pet !!!

She kisses him on the cheek and starts kicking him. She takes selfies next to the fallen slave in different positions: putting one foot on his chest, hugging him, crossing her legs over his legs.


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Lillian is playing with her slave

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