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Weak secretary or stronger sex??

Ivy is the secretary of a gym frequented by the best athletes of the city.

Closing time is approaching and Ivy is in the room where three of the best athletes of the gym are training. The three are chatting about the fact that they have noted that they have recently seen many new girls in the gym and for these reason they think the gym is lowering its level. Their comment is that it's nice to have women in the gym but for athletes like them who need a serious training, women are just a distraction in the gym.

Ivy who heard what they are saying even though the three were talking to each other intervenes and she asks why they think the presence of women will lower the level of the gym. The three justify themselves by saying that women are not suitable for the gym, that they should stay at home to work for their men because everyone knows their physical performances are not comparable to the male’s one.

Ivy listens to them with an almost surprised face, almost she doesn’t believe that there are still men who consider the woman inferior, the so-called weaker sex and therefore asks if they really think that women can’t achieve the performances of men. The three men are sure of this, especially against so well trained men like them.

At this point Ivy launches a challenge and bets to be able to beat one of them in any challenge. 

The three burst out laughing, you ??? A secretary ??? You are really pretty but you can’t physically compete against us, you have no chance, no hope.

Ivy: ok considering you are so confident, you choise the challenge and the challenger and we bet 1000 rubles about the victory. If you are so sure to beat me you won’t have any problem to challenge me.

The three look at each other and one of them comes forward, ok, let's do a simple thing, an armwrestling challenge, but I warn you that I'm passionate in it, I have also won a few tournaments in the city recently

Ivy, great!!! I like armwrestling, let's see if you're as strong as you say.

The challenge begins and the man sure of his easy victory starts pushing at 50% but he doesn’t obtain any effect. Ivy looks at him and smiles, come on, it won't be all you can do; the man increases the thrust but Ivy calmly resists and provokes him. Come on, didn't you say you are a champion? You aren’t making a great impression, you can’t beat a woman ... .. At this point the man goes to the maximum effort but Ivy still seems to joke with him then after a while Ivy starts to push and relentlessly throws him down to everyone's amazement. During the challenge the other two men also said to the man: hurry up you won't want to lose with a woman; she is only a woman, what you are doing ?? Etc ...

Radiant Ivy takes the money won and acts as if she should leave but the loser immediately wants a rematch. No no no stay here I want a rematch, I don't know what happened but you can't beat me, you can’t be stronger than me, now I'll be serious. Ivy remains there but first to start she wants to see the new money on the table. The challenge begins and the man immediately do the maximum strenght but Ivy's arm doesn’t move. Hey guys, are you sure he won any tournaments ?? It doesn't seem very strong to me…. Maybe he won because the tournaments were for only male …… Not only Ivy's arm don’t go down but after a few seconds she moves in the opposite direction and Ivy wins again. The man is confused and doesn’t understand how it was possible and the other two immediately want to challenge her, they don’t believe what they have seen. The second man comes forward, Ivy wants to see the money on the table, they start but Ivy checks with negligible ease, after a while instead the second man is complitely concencetrated hoping to win she invites the third man to challenge her simultaneously on the left arm, he accepts, at this moment Ivy is facing two challenger simultaneously but after a while she throws both of them down. In the meantime, the first man has recovered his mind and wants to try again, Ivy proposes to make the challenge more interesting and she proposes to use only two fingers (the index and middle fingers) against his entire hand. The man accepts because he wants to win in every way. During the challenge Ivy is in total control and she advises him to try with two hands simoultaneously, maybe he can win, but Ivy is always the strongest. Then she challenges the other 2 at the same time always one on the right and one on the left, but she using a single hand and them directly with 2 hand. In every match everyone must bet 1000 ruble, so Ivy begins to accumulate a nice bundle of money but the men are taken by the heat of beating the woman and everyone wants to challenge her. Ivy calms down and offers them a final challenge, she against all the three men at the same time: 1 hand vs 6. Of course she wins. And the challenge is repeated in the same way but with her using the left hand.

At this point it should be all over, for Ivy it’s now clear the demonstration that a woman can be stronger than a man but for the three men it’s still not enough. One of them proposes a tug of war challenge sure of being able to win, tug of war is his specialty. Ivy accepts but while the man pulls with all his strenght Ivy quietly resists and then wins. The others two also want to try and Ivy suggests to try the two together and wins again and then the challenge is against all 3 the men. The men have finished the money so Ivy proposes to calculate the amount at last.

Then they want to do a rugby-type push competition (see the image) and one of the three starts (the same one that starts the tug of war) then gradually in the same challenge Ivy invites a second men to help his friend and then the third but she wins.

Ivy believes that her demonstration could be enough convincing but for men is not enough. For them is not accettable that she gets out of there after having outclassed them in all the tests…. It's impossible. They need any type of revenge.

So the third man comes forward saying that it's time to pass to the strong manners, he wouldn’t hurt her but considering how the things went he feels now must to give her a lesson in a karate challenge. Karate is his specialty, he tells that they are all three experts but he is a black belt IV dan and now he will show her what happens challenging men like them.

Ivy is not at all impressed, she is amused by the new challenge. The two opponent greet each other and the challenge begins. The man attacks but Ivy dodges or stops a couple of times, then she begins to respond hitting the man. After a while the man is on the ground but of course he gets up immediately and even more determined and he threats her. Unfortunately for him, Ivy is faster, more precise, more technical, in a few words she is totally superior and continues to dominate the challenge in a one-sided match. The man is increasingly struggling to get up and during the fight one or two time Ivy helps him to get up like if she has a compassion for him. During the fight sometimes the other two encourage him to destroy the weak woman ……

At some point the man is on the ground trying to get up and having understood that for him there is nothing to do he shouts to the other two men to help him and give her a lesson. The two fights with her but she always dominates the challenge. When the first man has regain some energyes the fight becomes a 3 vs 1. Ivy is satisfied, the challenge starts to be more interesting. The match is always a onesided match, the men try to hit or to knock down her but they can’t score any hit or any projection on her, Ivy or dodges or stops or uses in her favor the moves of the opponents. The fight goes on until the three aren’t longer able to stand up, meanwhile Ivy has also scored two or three holds making their opponent to some desperate tap out (I prefer single holds). During the fight I love she uses all the variety of kicks, punchs, throws, flips, tricks she knows. In the 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 I love also if she does some kicks hitting 2 or three men simoultaneously. I super love also jumping kicks (2 or 3 times not more). 

In the video “Ivy fights for the family’s gym” Ivy shouts for any hit and also for any hit dodge. If it’s possible I prefer that the shouts are not always the same. Sometimes she doesn’t do any shout (for example if she dodges a punch or a kick, or if she stops them) and when she shout the tone must be higher or lower. There are normal kicks with a classic effect and a classic shout but sometimes also some very powerful kicks or punches or throws with a devasting effect (like a jumping kick or other kind of hits), in this case she shouts must be more determinate and the effect must be the man on the floor or in great difficult.

Ivy’s superiority must be more humiliante you can.

When the men are on the ground Ivy puts her foot on one of the men and comments that she thought they could resist a little more, by three super trained men she expected a little more resistance. Then she makes some comments about that men aren’t the stronger sex for a long time, that if the three men want to get a little closer to her level she is available to give them private lessons, then she does the counting when they still have to bring her and give him a final order that for a month every day when they will arrive at the gym, in turn, they must bring her a daily tea purchased in the bar in front of the gym which is her favourite.

If they don't, she will give them another lesson like the one just given but not hitting them so softly.

Then she wears her shoes and she leaves saying that she must close the gym in 10 minutes and when she will come back she doesn’t want to find them still there.

The men terrified help eachother to stand up and go out.

Setting: in the gym (the same location of Ivy fights for family’s gym is ok but I would prefer a bigger tatami to use more space for the projections) and I would a solid table with chair for the armwrestling part

General things you must consider:

Everything must be totally one sided but the men must try to win but they can’t, they are not passive or ridiculous. They must be believable.



Ivy must use the most large variety of moves she knows during the fight. I would like she gives a lot of kicks (high kicks, lateral kicks, jump kicks, roundhouse kicks), some punches and also some judo or karate moves like throws, flips and all she knows (I love technical proiections but I prefer a few well done then a lot but not so believable)


In general, in all the video, the idea is that Ivy is amused and self confident. She challenges, humiliates, teases the men. 

The men initially are self confident, arrogant, full of male's ego, then they can't believe what it succeeded and they can't accept the losing so they try everything, only they want to see Ivy losing but they can't.

I love teasing and humiliation for the big men. 

During the challenges and amongst the various situation I would like they dialogue. It’s not so important they say what I wrote, you can change and add every phrase, staying in the contest I’m asking.



Ivy: the outfit of the last time was very good, she could wear a short dress, or a short skirt with a shirt or a top (not with long sleeves). 

Very very important are panthyose (black pantyhose) and high heels (decollete without any hole, not open toe). During the fight and the tug of war she doesn’t use the shoes. She wears shoes only when she enters and during armwrestling and when she goes out at last. I hate broken pantyhose. I love when she wears the wig but if she doesn’t want it’s ok also without.

About men I would you use big men if it possible (in general I love a tiny girl destroying big men). 

About the outfit you can use typical attire for men who are training but before to start the karate fight the three men go to wear the karate gi instead Ivy remain in the same attire.

DISTRIBUTION OF THE TIME (about 20 - 25 min)

About 1'30'' for the introduction

About 4 - 5 min for the armwrestling part

About 4 – 5 min for the tug of war and the other challenge

About 3 – 4 min for the first fight with the black belt IV dan

2 – 3 min for the F VS MM

4 min for the 1 vs 3

1 min for final situation

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Is Ivy just a weak secretary or strongest sex

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