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  • Diana's weakness is her stomach

Custom clip request 

So I’ll pick Diana for this shooting.

And regarding the script I don’t want to change too much, basically agent Diana’s secret identity is discovered and she has to face 2~3 thugs. She fights at first but loses very soon because the gangsters know that she has a very fragile stomach that one punch can cause her losing the ability to fight back. The main part is same as last video, that in the first scene she is stomach punched when arms-held by one guy and in the second scene by two guys. Eventually she is out.

Some VERY IMPORTANT notes are as follows(changes from last video),

1.     In last video Lilian didn’t sell enough pain on her face. For this time please make sure Diana does so. After each punch, make sure the camera can capture Diana’s facial expression of suffering. Her mouth makes “ooooofff” and she MUST frown A LOT and sometimes looks at the puncher with a praying  look in her eyes.

2.     Please ask Diana NOT to do coughing.

3.     Please ask Diana NOT to do body wiggle, but only bends forward.

4.     The punches were good last time. Please keep the same. Quick fists! Quick withdraw after each punch! DO NOT press fist into her stomach.

5.     In last video it was a baseball bat that was used but for this time I would prefer something thinner, say a truncheon or a baton.

6.     Reduce the number of punches. Extend suffering time between each punch. Again, Diana SHOULDN’T  wiggle. She suffers so much in her stomach that she only wants to bend forward and tries to use her hands to hold it but unfortunately her arms are firmly restrained by people behind her.

7.     Diana should look scared because THEY HAVE KNOWN HER WEAKNESS IN STOMACH. And  in some cases she would say “ please don’t punch me in my stomach”.

8.     Please DO NOT hold her against the wall, so that when being punched she can bend forward while 2 guys are holding her.

These are pretty much what Im thinking now. Please let me know your thought, as well as the price and delivery time. PLEASE do carefully reading with the notes above if decide to shoot this video for me. They are extremely important to me and please communicate to make sure every word is understood correctly with no drama.

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Diana's weakness is her stomach

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