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  • Sasha's admirer can't resist the beauty of her legs

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Can Sasha please wear the golden bikini and brown pantyhose with no shoes

Sasha and her opponent have a first date. They are sitting on the couch (or a table or sideboard if a couch is not available)

Sasha does not really want to date this guy, she is just looking for someone that she can punish, kick and massage her feet all over his face

Sasha stretches one leg and than starts to rub the other leg up and down the stretched leg

(whenever Sasha poses her legs or rubs them on the opponents face, can she please always have her foot stretched completely to the toes during the whole film)

Her opponent can’t take his eyes away from Sashas legs and soon is touching them. Sasha gets angry and tells him if he touches her legs again, she will punish him with her feet. She will rub them on his face and kick his face very hard

The opponent is very sorry and does not even know how this happened. Sasha starts again crossing her legs and then stretches one leg and rub the other leg up and down the stretched leg

Her opponent can’t resist and soon is touching her again

She grabs his hands while they are still on the couch and starts to massage her feet all over his face

Than she kicks him down from the couch and tells him to go on his knees in front of her. While Sasha is still sitting on the couch, she starts to kick him many times with her left and right leg and even doing double kicks where she sits on the couch and uses both legs to the left and then to the right to kick him

He wants to leave, but Sasha tells him that he can not leave. Only if he can resist her legs for 2 minutes. But if he can not resist her legs, she will punish him with her feet

He wants to go to the door, but Sasha goes in front of the door and block the way out with stretching one leg over the door. He tries to pass around her leg, but has no chance

Sasha than goes back to the couch and sits down. She tells him to come and sit next to him. And if he can resist her legs for 2 minutes, she will let him go. He sits next to her an Sasha starts to rub one leg on his body up and down and soon he touches them again. He is very scared of Sashas leg and feet, so Sasha starts to point her feet directly in front of his face or put them on his shoulder. Can she please always stretch her foot which she points him completely to the toes

Sasha tells him he must beg her legs for sorry because he touched them. He say he will never do that. So she kicks him on the floor. She lifts him up with her foot and than start giving him high kicks (without putting the kicking leg down) Once he is on his knees, she continues her series of kicks to his head without putting her kicking leg down

Than Sasha starts to pointing his face with one foot while she still stands in front of him and he is on his knees. He is completely scared of her legs and feet and begs her legs for sorry. Sasha just laughs at him and tells him it is too late

She gives him a few kicks and than put again her leg on his shoulder. Than she kicks him again 2 or 3 times and point her foot directly in front of him. Enyoing and laughin at him because he is getting very scared of Sasha

Sasha makes him go on his knees between her legs

Than she starts to tease him with her legs again until he touches them

Until the end can Sasha please tease her opponent with posing her legs and once he touches her legs, she punishes him with kicks and footrubs and some scissors

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Sasha's admirer can't resist the beauty of her legs

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