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  • Lillian and her prisoner. PartIII

Custom clip request 

Hi, i would like to order a Custom Clip with Lillian.

Lillian: Same Outfit and Hair Style as in "Goddess Lillian destroys her enemies", only without the small handbag.  I like her superior looking

Character and would like to see a similar one for my clip. I love the "accidentally lost the fight" Clips and this is now one with her.  Like

the other Clips Lillian plays the strong fighter, what can take many punches and hits. She has a strong Body and Abs. She never thought she can lose a fight and is very conceited during this fight.

Length should be 10-15 Min and she fights one Guy in a Room with a Table.

Lillian enters the Room and the Guy is sitting on the Floor, she  was going to get some Money from his Family.

She tells him that she tried to get some Money for him, but his Family doesn't have that much Money. She gives them one more Day

to get it, if not, he is usless for her and she will just finish him.  He is shocked about this, she is just smilling and starts leaving the Room.

He knows  that this is may be the last chance to get free. He goes after her, turns her around and gives her some Head punches!

But she only  shows a little reaction from it. She is just smilling and tells him that he should try it again! Now he gives her some Belly punches, and again a little reacton from her.  He looks confused  and she tells him that she will show him, how hopeless his situation is. 

After this the fight beginns. He stands in fighting position and she more casual.  In the first Part of the fight, he gets his beatdown, Lillian gets only some punches. She is just playing/fooling around with him and even mocks him.

After his beatdown he is on the Ground. She is looking proud of her self, and tells him that he now know how hopeless his situation is.  She starts leaving the Room, but he is not beaten yet! He stands up again and tells her, that the fight isn´t over. She turns around and tells him, that how stupid it is keep fighting. After this the fight continues. The Guy is still weak from the beating,  he tries more to avoid/dodge most of her attacks and everytime he can, he give her some punches.  (Head,Body,Belly punches)  Now she gets more and more punches and kicks, and he less. But for now she never looks really hurt/ weak or goes down, she always keeps attacking him.  Now we need the Table: He managed to put her with her bag on the table and is punching her Belly with his Elbow (or Fist if this better for you) this is the first Time she shows something like weakness. She need some Time to rise her Hand and starts chоking him. He stops attacking her, she slowly stands up (still chоking)  and looks Angry now. She kicks him away and immediately goes after him, the fight continues.

The Guy gives her strong Body a hard threatment, and she finally becomes weaker.  She now tries everything to take him out, but only gets more and more hits. After some Time she stands with her back against a Wall and he is punching her Belly. Like the Table scene this attack hurts her and she need some time to rises her hand to chоke him again.  She chоkes him down on his knees (while looking furious) and tells him that she will not let him defeat her.  When he is on the knees she kicks him away and tries to leave the Room. But he stands up quickly, holds her back on one Arm and keeps attacking her.  After all the punches and kicks she is retreating, she tries one more Time to leave the Room but again he can stop her.  At the End she is broken, and he leaves the Room.

Details: English subtitels are okay, you are free to improve/make the Dialogs,  Lillian only shows a little reaction from the punches and kicks but still with a little moaning. (when she becomes weaker/hurt more)  The focus is her downfall /beatdown,  she gets most of the punches and kicks.

The addition from Lesley Fox: Lillian can't let him go! 

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Lillian and her prisoner. PartIII

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