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  • Carly, Melanie and Diana test Naomi's strengh

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So I don't want to give you a long synopsis. I want you to have control of the dialogue. I think you can keep it very much like Invulnerable Naomi. She fought the worlds strong men, now she wants to see if the worlds strongest woman can challenge her, which they can't. Althought I do want the three girls to be extremely arrogant before they each lose. They just don't understand that this woman who is so small can be so strong. You can also have Naomi bee playful and arrogant right back to them.

You can have them all in the same room at all time. I want the girls each fight a little differently. And they step up one at a time in this order.

Diana - She attacks with mostly stomach punches. Some face punches. A lot of rapid punching to the abs. No effect. She hurts her fists on Naomis abs a few times. When Naomi gets bored she catches a punch from Diana, squeezes her hand until Diana is on her knees then, tosses her aside effortlessly.

Melanie looks like a great martial artist and fights like it. Tries ab punches and hurts her hands. Tries some acrobatic kicks to no effect. Targets weak spots on her body but nothing works, maybe even an ineffectual low blow. When Naomi gets bored with Melanie she pushes her across the room.

Carly, by far the mightiest of the 3 steps up all confident. Carly should throw heavy, big punches. Starts on the stomach but hurts her hands. She still keeps punching to abs and face to no effect. Carly tries to smother Naomi who just stands there unhurt. Naomi pulls Carlys arms away and throat lifts her, tosses her aside.

Carly recovers, orders all three girls to attack at once. Naomi puts her hands behind her head and takes punches from all 3 without an issue. They all hurt their hands. Naomi knocks out Melanie and Diana with a soft punch to each ones face. All alone Carly throws her hardest punch which Naomi takes no problem. Naomi squeezes Carly in a front bearhug until Carly is out. Naomi walks out postivie she it the strongest.

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Carly, Melanie and Diana test Naomi's strengh

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