female fighting stories

  • Naomi is beaten by 3 thugs

Custom clip request 

1) the length of the clip; More than 15 minutes

2) the number of participants; Man 3 Woman 1

​3) the complexity of the shooting;

​4) specific requirements regarding the attire of the participants;  White shirt, Black short  skirt

5) the need of using of special effects and their number; not needed

6) other specific requirements. It is good to see underwear because the clothes of a woman are torn during the fight.

1. Choose one or more main actresses.


2. Choose the number of male actors who must be present simultaneously in a single frame 


3. Please discuss with me the clothes for the characters (if that's important to You).

White shirt, Black short  skirt

4. Specify the length of movie (minutes).

More than 15 minutes

​5. Send me the detailed script if each detail of action is important to you (Please make sure that whether the script matches specified length of the film)

​the guy hit Naomi's face and belly

Alternately beaten one by one

​A man lays Naomi down and pounding I hit a face with a fist Repeat right left

Repeat for 1 minute

The second man repeats the same

And the man tears Naomi's shirt

Good if you see a bra

stand up Naomi and hit again 

Naomi is beaten without falling

Naomi moans every time she hits

Keep  beaten from start to finish 

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Naomi is beaten by 3 thugs

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