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  • Carly vs Diana in the ring

Custom clip request 

Carly: Open Hair Style and  Make Up. 2 Dresses:The black sleeves leotard she is wearing in"Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toes. Part VIII or at the end from " Carly fights against ninjas"   and over this she is wearing the Karate Top. (similiar to the Top in " Sexy secret agent Carly in action")

 Diana:Open Hair style and Make up, similar Outfit like : Invulnerable Diana

The location is in the boxing ring, the Runtime is 15 Min. The focus is the downfall of Carly in this Clip.

I like the Idea from the Clip "Lillian challenged big guy for a fight and almost lost". In my Clip Carly is the strong fighter.

She hits hard and can take many punches an kicks. Her Body is strong, she only shows a little reaction from the Hits.

Similar to the Girls in the Clips " XXX  accidentally lost the fight"

Diana is the weaker fighter, but she  is faster than Carly. She shows a little bit more reaction from

the punches and kicks.  (but not to much, she is still a strong fighter)

Part1: Diana is  training in the Ring and Carly comes in. She starts bullying and mocking her for how  fragile and

weak she looks and this is not the right place for her. At the beginning Diana just ignores her.  Carly is looking  conceited, and starts pushing around Diana. She tells her to stop, but Carly doesn´t care and says that she would like to fight her.

Diana really doesn´t want to fight, but Carly surprisingly attack her and  she falls on the Ground. Carly is smilling and  says that she  is her punching Bag now, even when she don´t fight back. Diana stands up again and is standing in fighting position, Carly more casual and the fight beginns.


P1: In the first Part Diana becomes the beatdown, i would like to see Head and Body punches with a good Number of Belly punches against her. Carly only gets few punches, but don´t show much impact from them. She just don´t care about her defence.

Diana goes down 2-3 times, and everytime when she is down Carly gives her a chance to stand up again again. She is just fooling around with her, smiles some times, and is really superior at this point. In the end Diana stands with the Hands on the Ropes (Pic1) defensless and Carly is punching her. She really enjoys the treatment of her opponent.

After this Diana goes down and is lying on the Ground. Carly says that this is enough for Round 1 und she is looking forward

to Round 2. She goes to a Corner and is just waiting for her to get up again.


Part2: Diana is  on the  Ground  and looks worried and beaten.

Carly is just standing casual and is looking proud of her self. Diana stands up and is in fighting position again, Carly goes after her and the fight continues. Diana is still weak from the beating and  she tries more to dodge/avoid the attacks from Carly.  As i said, Diana is faster

than Carly so she can outplay her and its possible  to give her punches too. But Carly only shows a little reaction from it.

Again i would like to see Head and Body punches against her, with a good number of Belly punches!  In Part 2 Diana gets far less hits and Carly over the time more. But for now she never looks really weak or hurt, but over time she gets annoyed because most of her attacks does not hit her opponent . After a good and hard punch combination from Diana against her, she falls back some steps and is hitting the Ropes, after this she is furious . In her anger she tells Diana that she has enough of this and she will  end  this fight  now. She takes of her Karate Top and now you can see her second black dress. (The black sleeves dress)


Part3: Carly now fights really agressiv but Diana makes a great job to dodge/avoid the attacks and everytime she can, she give her some.

After many hits she finally starts to become weaker.  She tries now everything to take out Diana , but she is now fully refreshed with the Hope to Win this fight. After some time Carly is retreating and become weaker and weaker and finally Diana can push the attack against her. She is looking for reveanch for the beating at the beginning. In the End Carly stands against a Corner, the Arms on the Robes . (like Pic2) Diana starts non stop punching her Belly. This attack hurts her more and more over the Time.

Carly: "Stop! Please, stop!" and Diana surprisingly stops her attack and is looking at her.

Carly: I can't take more anymore, i give up!"

Diana" You will never bother me again, do you understand?"

Carly" Yes, i promise it" ( You are free to choose better dialogs if you have some)

 After this treatment she slowly slides on the Ground. Diana  start leaving the Ring, the last shots are on Carly, she is lying on the Ground

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Carly vs Diana in the ring

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