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  • Naomi punishes the bad guy

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The door of a house opens and Noemi appears, she closes the door then she heads to another room which is a living room. She puts her bag on the table then she goes out into another room. A man with a hood enters the house. He heads for the living room. He sees the bag on the table, Noemi appears and the man hides on one side of the entrance to the room. Noemi takes a mobile out of the bag and she dials a number, the man enters the room, he takes out a blade then rushes towards Noemi and he grabs her from behind and puts the blade on her throat.

The rарist. If you cry, I cut your throat.

Noemi places the mobile on the tables. The man releases her and Noemi turns to. The man points the blade at Noemi.

The rарist. Undress yourself!

Noemi does not move. The man waves the blade.

The rарist. Takes off your clothes, bitch!

Noemi kicks the man’s balls. The surprises man folds in half. Naomi kicks him in the face, the man backs away. He gets up and approaches Noemi and he gives a circular blow with his blade, Noemi avoids it, a second circular stroke with the blade that Noemi avoids, the man strikes straight with the v, Noemi blocks his arm, she twists him in the back then she sweeps his legs, the man finds himself on the ground, Noemi removes the blades. The man stands up and faces Noemi. He sends a hook but Noemi blocks his arm and she kicks him in the balls then a hook on the chin, the man steps back, she kicks him straight in the stomach of the man who steps back then a circular kick for the face, the man clenches his fists and he tries to give a hook then a second hook, Noemi and he grabs him by the throat to finish him, Noemi struggles, she withdraws the arms of the man then she strikes him twice in the belly, the man leans in two, Noemi punches her in the face, the man steps back, Noemi sends her a circular kick on the face then she jumps her foot forward on the belly of the man who falls to the ground. The man gets up and approaches Noemi who sends him a hook and the man blocks it and he sends a punch to the face of Noemi who steps back then another punch to the stomach, then he catches Noemi through the throat to finish him. Noemi hits the man’s balls with his fist and the man folds in half and she grabs his face and she hits him with his head, the man steps back. The man still wants to send a hook but Noemi blocks her arm and she sends him a hook on the chin then another kick in the balls and another circular cir kick in the face, the man steps back. She kicks him in the face several times. Man sprawls on the ground. The cell phone rings.  Noemi takes the mobile and she answers.

Noemi. Hello Claire, yes I’m fine. I passed my exam to enter the Washington post, I start next week.

The man is lying on the ground, he sees his blade and he extends his arm to pick it up, we only see his hand which rests on the blade then Noemi’s foot crushes the fingers of the man. I would like to see that the hand of the man who approaches the blade then the foot of Noemi which crushes the hand and then there is another fight, kicks, punches; I let you settle the rest of the fight which ends with the man who finds himself on the ground and Noemi puts her foot on his throat and she is pushing, the man begs her to stop, Noemi strikes him in the face with the heel of his boot, the man is knocked out then Noemi takes his mobile and she sits on the chest of the man and she takes a photo of her with the man who is knocked out. She smiles.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi punishes the bad guy

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