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  • The evil Goddess Naomi

Custom clip request 

I would like to see Naomi as a Evil Goddess with super strengh.

Outfit: like in the clip Naomi was almost cheated part 1.


She walk in a room we se here gorgeous heels than cam goes up and the screen switch to POV of a men.

She tell him to knee she is the goddess he don't so she walk to him and grab his throat and lift him in the air... Some foot dangling and a look at here heels.

She let him down. And do it again now with just a finger at his chin and humiliation him that she not even feel a weight on her finger and laugh.

Than let him down again he won't knee than she put both hands and grab his head and lift him up then she say he is time waste and slowly crush his head sounds of this would be cool. And screen goes black.

Then she walk in a new room and she see some guys one of them want to hit here she catch the fist and crush his hand to pulp. Then she kick his head hard and it explodes. The other men want to flee but she faster and stand in front of him she have to look up to the men she don't like it. Then se say I have to grow a bit. Then POV of men he look down to her but she grow and after some seconds he look up to here she is now so tall that his head is of her chest lvl.

Then she say do you like the view men laugh yes.

She say that is the last think you see she push him against a wall and slowly crush his body against the wall her chest crush his head he scream in pain and she love in enyoing it.

Then a 3 men are to see she love his fear POV of men she walk slowly to him she looks down to him and smile what I do with you she laugh. Then she laugh and say I have it I tear you appart with just my hands she put one hand of his head the other hand she move between his legs and Form her hand like a blade and move her hand up and cut him slowly appart with crushing sound bones... And she laugh.

The men a screaming like hell she cut till her hand arrive his throat and she say bye bye she close her hand of the top of this head and crush it. Also POV of men.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The evil Goddess Naomi

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