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  • Ivy accidentally lost the fight

Custom clip request 

Ivy has he same Dress, Hair Style and Make Up like : "Amazons Diana and Ivy capture the secret agent."

She plays the the strong and self-confident Character and she thinks she is superior and no one can defeat her. From the other Clips with her, i know she

can play this Character very well. She is not invincible but still has a strong Body and Abs.

She only shows a little reaction from the punches and kicks. Just similar to my Naomi Custom Video. I also saw  other Clips, like "Stella lost her last fight" or "Who is the best? Karina vs. Lora" and ein like them too.

Guys: In this Clip i would like to see a fight against 2 Opponents, because i think one is no threat for her. Just 2 Dudes with random Outfit.

In the start she is sitting on a Chair like a Queen, and the Guys are entering the Room. They tell her that they are looking a long time for her. She needs to surrender, they will put down her evil Syndicate and she goes to Jail for a long Time. She is only smiling and says, that she

set up a Trap, because she has enough of the disturbances against her. The Guys answers that no one needs to be Hurt, she just laughs, stands up

and tell them to "bring it on" . She is standing Casual and the Guys in fighting Position. (You have free choices for the Dialogs, if you want them better. I know my Ideas for a little Story are not that good)  


 And now the fight beginns:


Part 1. The fight starts with a quick beat up of the Guys. They attack one after another, so she only need to fight one Guy at the same time.

She  beats them up easily, and the Guys are surprised how stong she is. They are going down multiple times.

When one is down, the other Guy attacks her and so on.She enjoys the fight, is a little bit fooling around and  mocking her opponents. She even lifts one Guy with one Hand up to show how strong she is. (like Naomi in my other Custom) She seem really superior. Part 1 is the shortest Part in this Clip.



Part 2.  In the End the two Guys are  lying on the ground looking worried and beaten. They realize they need a new Plan to defeat her. They are talking about her dirty fighting training 2 Years ago, and they need to fight this way to Win this fight. (Again you can choose free /better Dialogs)  Now they are standing up again, ready to attack. She is stand standing casual and is looking proud of her self.  (she waits for the Guys to get up again) She ask them if they don´t have enough, and  its really stupid for them to keep fighting.

After this they Guys are working together and attacking her at the same Time. While one is attacking her from the front, the other one attacks her from the Side/Back. This distracts her, so the other Guy in front can give her punches and kicks too. (this is why "dirty fighting) Like the other Clips i would like to see Heat and Torso punches and kicks, with a good Number of Belly punches against her!

As an an example: One Guy tries to punch her, but she can  easy block this and is now holding his Arm, ready to attack him. Now the other Guy comes

and gives her some quick punches against her Side Body (Ribs, Leaver, Kidneys). This distracts her, and now the first Guy can give her some punches too. This is stuff i would like to see in P2 now.

They also try to hold her Arms / bend it, to make her defenceless for freeshots. But she is to strong, and gets easy free, she is just smilling at this point. The two Guys are working great together and she gets many hits, but she still enjoys the fight and  never looks really hurt or weak  for now. 


I would like to see 3 differnt сhoking moments in Part2:

1. She is сhoking one Guy with one Hand (he stands against a Wall, she stands sideways to him) and he can´t get free. Now the other Guys comes in and punches her Side Body. (Ribs and so on) She is still сhoking, but after some punches she needs to release him, because she starts feeling the Pain. She  now goes after  the other Guy to take revenge for his disruption.

2. With one hard punch one Guy goes down, and she is chocking him with her Feet  now the other Guy starts punching her Heat. After this she releases him and goes after him.

3. In the End she  is сhoking both  Guys, one with the left Hand and the other one with the right Hand. (they are standing against a Wall) They trying to get free, but she is too strong. She knows this moment can finally end the long anoying fight, and looks superior.

 Together the Guys now  starting punching her Belly. But only after many punches she finally falls back some steps and let them free, she is now furious.

You can see that the Belly treatment is hurting her over the Time in this Scene, the first time she shows really weakness.


Part3. She finally becomes weaker, the Guys realises this too, and attacking her now more from the front. Now it is also possible for them to hold and bend her Arms. They first Time, she is looking surprised about this. She getsmore and more punches and is retreating. Now i want to see special Moves:

1. One Guy has managed to hold both of her Hands behind her Back. The other Guy now gives her Head punches. She tries to get free, but only after a some punches she get free.

2. One Guy is bending her her left Arm  and is punching the left side, the other Guy is bending the right Arm and is punching the right side.( like my Naomi Clip, this time only both sides)

3. Now i want so see a other Style where she is deffencless and the Guys (or one Guy) can attack her Head. You are free to choose a Style.

4. In the end she stands with her back against a wall and One Guy holding the left Shoulder against the Wall, the other Guy the right Shoulder.  With the free Hand they are giving her together punches against her Belly, what hurts her more and more. After this she is really weak  and falls down on her knees. Now one Guy gives her Head Kicks, like the Guy did with  Lesley in "Lesley Rises" After this she is finally out.  

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy accidentally lost the fight

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