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Naomi is a Batgirl. She is dressed like Eriny in ‘Batgirl Eriny: Almost Got Her’, or any type of clothing to suggest she is a heroine/vigilante. Gloves – they may be cycling gloves – are very important. Her hair is straight.

Naomi returns  to the Batlair. She has been fighting crime all night. She beat a lot of bad guys but she got injured. She is in pain. Every step is painful for her. She takes of her mask, moaning.

She is greeted by Batman (the guy doesn’t need to be dressed as Batman but it needs to be obvious that he is, in fact, Batman). He notices that the young girl is in pain. They talk:

            Batman: ‘What’s the matter, Batgirl? Are you OK? How did your night          go?’

            Batgirl: ‘I won every fight as usual, Bruce. And I’m fine, just a bit tired,          that’s all. I’ve got school in the morning.’

She is too proud to admit that she’s hurt. She sits on the chair/sofa. As she sits down she yelps in pain.

            Batman: ‘Now tell me what really happened? Don’t lie to me, Batgirl, I  can see you’re hurt,’

            Batgirl: ‘OK, if you must know if was running from a fight. I slid down a          metal rod. It had many rough edges and I scratch my legs a little.’

            Batman: ‘Let me have a look! Spread your legs!”

Batgirl spreads her legs wide. We see that her upper inner thighs are badly wounded (if you can’t recreate the wounds they can be implied).

            Batman: ‘It looks really bad, Babs. It must hurt like hell.’

            Babara: ‘Well, as I said I’m fine.’ Batgirl says not wanting to show any           weakness.

            Batman: ‘Well I’d better clean up your wounds before they get infected’

            Batgirl: ‘Whatever… Do what you have to do” Batgirl says like a typical  little girl

Batman brushes her wounds with a wet cloth and she hisses in pain. Than he takes a bottle of alcohol to disinfect her wounds and a large pad of gauze.

            Batman: ‘Would you like a little acohol for the pain before I start’, he            offers her the bottle.

            Batgirl jokes: ‘No thanks. Don’t you know I’m too young to drink?’

            Batgirl continues full of confidence: ‘Besides, I’m a heroine. I can deal           with a little bit of pain. I won’t make a sound.”

Batman pours alcohol on the gauze and covers the wound on her right thigh.

Batgirl tenses up. Her hands grip the sides of the chair tightly. She bites her lower lip hard (you can zoom to show that) to stop herself from crying out.

But the pain is too much and after a few seconds the girl screams loudly.

            Batman: ‘You just said you wouldn’t make a sound. I thought you were a      tough heroine.’

            Batgirl: ‘Shut up… I AM tough’, she says but her voice betrays her       suffering.

Batgirl breathes in sharply through her nose. She winces in pain and is biting her glove. She is whimpering like a little girl. (VERY IMPORTANT ELEMENT)

            Batman: ‘Just a little more from the side”. He says pressing the dabber         from a different angle.

            Batgirl can’t bare it any more: ‘Damn it – NO!’ Her hands push weakly at his shoulders.

            Batman: ‘There, it’s done. Now the other leg’.

He prepares a new dabber and tends to her other leg. But Batgirl writhes in pain so much and flails her legs so that Batman can’t clean her wound.

            Batman: ‘Babs, don’t be such a baby! Stay still’ Batman tries to hold her       hips with his hand.

            Batgirl: ‘Ahhh… I can’t ahhh! do it aahhh! anymore…’

 She writhes so violently that Batman can’t hold her in one place anymore.

            Batman: ‘We have to try something else then!’

Batman lets Batgirl stand up. Then suddenly tackles her to the ground. He forces her to the ground. She lies on her back, helplessly, while he holds her hands above her head.

He presses the dabber against her wounds between her legs again in that position. Naomi screams but can’t move much. She still tries to kick her legs away. But now she doesn’t have much room.

Batgirl screams in pain and turns her head left and right shouting ‘NO!’. After Batman disinfects her wounds, we see her lying on the ground. She is whimpering in pain, biting her gloved fist and writhing slowly. She is sobbing in pain, she is biting a strand of her hair. It takes about 30-45 seconds for her her to stop whimpering and calm down.

            Batman: ‘Have you calmed down, tough heroine? Now, I’ll bandage your     legs’.

He bandages her legs. Batgirl sobs a little but a lot less than a few seconds ago.

            Batgirl says weakly: ‘Thank you Batman. I have to go to prepare for   school now’.

            She continues: ‘I feel stupid that I screamed so much’.

Batgirl feels humiliated that she showed weakness.

            Batman: ‘You don’t have to be embarrassed, Batgirl. You’re a heroine but   you’re human too.’

            Batman: ‘Come after school, so that I can change your bandages’.

Batgirl comes back after school. She is dressed as a school girl. She has a backpack and has pigtails like in ‘Naomi and Carly demonstrate their kicks’.

This part shows Batman changing Naomi’s bandages. The unwrapping of them is painful. The girl is again showed whimpering in pain. You can use your creatvity here.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Batgirl Naomi in pain

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