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  • Carly infiltrates a gangs headquarters. Part I

Custom clip request

Hi Lesley could I have another custom with Carly please :

Outfit - Black PVC Skirt / white panties / long boots / gloves (as in previous custom )

Carly’s mission is to infiltrate a gangs headquarters and eliminate them all. She move through the building taking out guards as you go, culminating in a final fight scene with Guards .

Scene 1

Carley approaches the first guard in a very sexy way , he asks what you are here for and starts to feel your body , you let him for a few seconds then you do a karate chop to his stomach / face then balls in a quick action and he falls onto his knees, you tell him you’re here to elimate your whole gang, he laughs and says your just a girl you have no chance, with that you repeat face kick him at least 10 times. He staggers up and pulls a weapon then a fight entails , Carly leans against wall and holds her boot out and guard runs into it she the repeat kicks him see video attached -I’ll leave the fight coreography to you in your normal sexy fashion you end by breaking his neck.

Scene 2

You move into another area and come across 2 guards, they grab you immediately , you tell them that they better be carefull as you’re a Karate master, they laugh, you hit them both in the balls then punch them both in the face and they drop to the floor. A fight entails, please include holding one or both around the neck with repeat back kicks onto their heads, handstand onto one holding neck with boots, face palm strikes, repeast head kicks and scorpion strikes. You end up finishing them both by sitting on their necks with your knees and suffocating them ( as in previous custom ).

In scene 2 could you also include 2 in forward headlockbringing knee up into their stomachs as in 28mins 52 secs in to the clip ‘The lesson in self defense from Lesley,’ with the same low camera angle.

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Carly infiltrates a gangs headquarters. Part I

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  • Product Length: 18 minutes
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