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  • Ivy fights for the family’s gym

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Ivy has three brothers who manage the best gym in the city inherited from their father.

The three are black belts and are the three instructors of the gym. Ivy, after his father had left the gym helped them to make the gym the best and most popular in the city and then she left them to follow her way. Actually she is an important business manager. 

The three brothers are pretty good but sometimes not very reliable. After a few years the gym is losing its leadership in the city because of the great growth of a new gym run by 3 other very skilled black belts men.

The 3 brothers, sometimes a little impulsive, did not say anything to Ivy and one day they went to the gym of their antagonists, probably to find an agreement, but then a furious discussion arose and both teams put in not only the leadership in the city but even the ownership of their gyms. It started a challenge 3 vs 3, whoever gets two victories becomes the owner of the gym of the loser team.

The challenge ended with 3 victories of the opposing team and the three brothers lost their family’s gym. The three in shame did not immediately tell Ivy what they did but then they had to do it and she was really pissed.

After having thought for a few days, despite the anger at the stupid choice of her brothers, Ivy decided to act to recover the gym of his father.

Ivy is the younger sister and isn’t a black belt because she has never taken the way to reach the belts but she has always been able to beat her older brothers despite they have many years of training more than her and they partecipate to many specialization courses.

The video begins with Ivy entering in the gym where she finds the three sensei who beat her brothers. Ivy introduces herself and says she is the younger sister of the three sensei who have lost the gym with them and that she is there to take it back.

The three burst out laughing and seeing that she is a very beautiful girl they ask her how she thinks to do, if she thinks of calling her boyfriend or if she intends to give herself to them to get back the gym and they laugh without taking Ivy too seriously. She says she intends to take back the gym and that she is there to challenge them!! 

The three smile again and ask her in which way she wants to challenge them. She reps Karate but if they prefer they can also choise another discipline. The three say that karate would be perfect because they are the 3 best karate men in the city but they think that it doesn't make sense to challenge a girl ...... They ask if she is a black belt girl at least. Ivy says no but points out that it's not the belts that fight but the people.

Then one of the men asks: do you want to challenge us to get the gym back, but if we accept and then we win, what do you give us?

Choose it yourself ... ..

Ahaha the thing gets interesting, it’s like stealing candy from a child, what do you say if then after our victory we all fuck you??? Ivy says that she accepte and the three are all excited and happy and decide to accept too.

Ivy asks who is the challenger and one of the three comes forward. I am a black belt III dan, you don’t have any chance against me, you are still in time to retreat, don’t worry it should be understandable against a black belt man but if you do not give up, I will try not to hurt you too much.

Ivy advises him not to underestimate.

The challenge begins and is totally a onesided match in favor of Ivy. The man tries to hit her and to attack but Ivy either dodges or stop his hits or attemps while Ivy's shots always go perfectly on target. After a while the man struggles to get up and Ivy forces him to surrender in a desperate tape out. At this point she thinks she has won but the other two man claim that victory is achieved only when the opponent is no longer able to stand up. Ivy say: ohhh the men need to change the rules, really interesting and continues the challenge as long as the man remains on the ground without being able to get up.

Ivy: now I think that your friend can’t continue, he has fought very well but now the gym is mine.

But the men change the cards on the table: if she wants the gym back she has to beat at least two of them because so were the rules with your brothers.

Ivy scrolls the head in sign of sympathy and put herself ready to fight and use her hand to call the second opponent in sense of dare: come on who is the next??

The second comes forward and says that he is much stronger than the first, he is a V dan black belt and threats her that he will make her pay. The challenge begins and Ivy is even stronger than this opponent.

As soon as she beats him senseless, the third man suddenly stand up, you will not believe that you have regain the gym so easily, now I’ll destroy you!!!! While he threats her with words she helps the second man knocked out on the floor to stand up and to move to the board of tatami saying don’t worry I’m too strong for you, you couldn’t do more.

Ivy say to the third: do you still think you'll beat me?? Didn't you see what happened to your friends?? 

I am a VII dan black belt, I certainly do not lose by a woman.

The challenge starts but Ivy is too skilled and faster and clearly wins still in a onesided match where the man try to win but without any result. During the fight, after a super series of high kicks and the man down on the floor, Ivy advice him to get up or she should be forced to hit him heavier but the man want continue.

The third man is now on the floor enable to stand up and Ivy is still in perfect fit in the center of the tatami, the three men can't believe what is happening, a woman, not even a black belt, has beaten them, it's absurd !! 

During the three fights Ivy sometimes tease and provoke the men with phrases like: you don’t want to lose by a woman, come on let me see what can do a black belt man, get up and fight, aren’t you  the stronger sex?? You must do much more to beat a woman!! I advise you to give up it should be better for you!! And other things like that …………

Everything seems to have ended and Ivy says that tomorrow the gym will return to her family but the three who are regain their breath still don't want to accept Ivy's superiority and launch a new proposal: the first two men together against her. If she beat them the gym come back to her family definitively and they will take away all their things from the gym, but if they win they will keep almost the right to continue to manage it. Ivy knows perfectly that she would have already acquired the right for both things (ownership and managing) but she accepts because she wants to have some more fun.

The match begins but the outcome is always the same. A onesided match.

Ok men, I think that now you have had enough, it’s time you go out to my gym!!!!!! I give you some minutes while I go to see some documents in the office. She wears her shoes and go out.

When she comes back the men are still there and they have recovered some energies. They can’t accepte to lose by a woman so they are really angry and they launch her yet another challenge: a 3 vs 1 challenge. If they win, they recover everything, if she wins her brothers could manage not only the recovered gym but also their gym while they will remain the owners.

Ivy smiles, she is amused. Oh my God, the male’s ego it makes men really stupid, so she says she accepts only to a condition that the winner takes it all. Men are sure that in a 3 to 1 they can beat her, they are 3 black belts against a woman and they decide to accept. Ivy leaves again her shoes and is ready to fight. 

The fight is still a one sided match, Ivy is too skill, fast and strong for them and beats them easily as always and knocks out them in some different and humiliating way at your choise.

During the multiple fight I would like she does some multiple shoot like an or a series of high kicks hiting simoultaneously 2 or three men; a throw like the annex photo vs 2 men (if she is able to do)

If you want after a while one of the men could be take a weapon by a bag like a steak or a knife like a ultimate try to win.

If you want when men start to get tired in the 3 vs 1 she could finish the match wearing her shoes but if this makes the action less credible don't do it.

Then the video finish when she is going out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy fights for the family’s gym

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