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  • Lady in Black - Ivy

SCENE 1 The camera follows Ivy from the front as she walks slowly across a room (see Ivy Custom – Special Video 02 - Kneeling Backward Groin Strike). Suddenly from behind a man appears, approaching at her with a raised baseball bat. Ivy knows he’s approaching her from behind but is unphased and doesn’t turn around. As the man is nearly upon her, Ivy suddenly drops to one knee and swings her left elbow back in a straight line striking the man painfully in the groin. Ivy holds this pose for ~10 seconds as the attacker remains stunned, holding the baseball bat above his head but unable to move. Ivy now swings around on one knee to face the man directly with her eye level at his groin. With Ivy still facing forward towards the camera, she now proceeds to drive her hand upwards (simultaneously as she releases a loud attacking cry: see Ivy Custom – Special Video 01 – Karate Yells) into his groin. She grabs his groin crushes hard it in her hand for 10-15 seconds. With the male opponent crying out in pain but still and holding the baseball bat above his head, Ivy rises in front of him and with her left hand removes the baseball bat from his grasp without resistance. Ivy now turns her back on the motionless male opponent to now face a new male opponent. Ivy smiles as she points the baseball bat at the new opponent in front of her and says, “You are next”. Ivy’s smile now disappears as she launches a backward kick, without looking, into the original motionless attacker who is now behind her (see Ivy Custom - Special Video 03 - Backwards Head Kick). You did an amazing effort in reproducing the back kick last time in Lesley – Enter The Lady Dragon. Could you please repeat this with multiple camera angles catching the male opponent being kicked in the head and falling backwards from both front and back/side angles.

With the camera now back on the new male opponent in front of Ivy, he steps back in fear of what he has just witnessed. The camera now returns to Ivy as she begins to speak “What’s a matter?….A big strong man like you afraid of one little girl. Here, I will even give you your bat back” as Ivy tosses the baseball bat to her opponent. 

The camera now pans up from Ivy’s boots to her face and out to her whole body. Ivy now warms up for her next fight by ‘cracking’ several bones in her body in an intimidating way. Firstly, Ivy rocks her neck left and right cracking her neck bones. Next, she clenches her fists, cracking her knuckles. Finally, she flexes her shoulders and arms as they make a loud cracking sound (see Ivy Custom - Special Video 04 - Knuckle Cracking). Ivy then raises her right arm towards her opponent using her open hand to beckon him to attack her.  With that, the male opponent runs at Ivy to begin a big fight scene using the Ivy Custom – Fight Videos and Kl Videos. By now the first attacker has gotten and is involved in a two-on-one fight scene. Can you please try incorporating a few aikido wrist throws (see Ivy Custom - Special Video 05 – Aikido Wrist Throw)? I have added these videos which also has slow motion. I think it will bring a great new dimension to your films. Also, when you perform Ivy Custom – K Video 02 – Groin Stomp and Grind can Ivy please try and mimic the intense facial and body tensing and twisting down by the woman in this video.


SCENE 2: Ivy walks into a room before leaning against the doorway / wall with her arms and boots crossed (see Ivy Custom – Special Video 06 – Second Scene Opening). There are two male opponents already in the room. The camera now moves to a front shot of Ivy. With a wry smile, Ivy introduces her presence “Hello boys, allow me to introduce myself. I am both your biggest fantasy and your worst nightmare” One the bad guys confidently walks over to Ivy. With Ivy still smiling and leaning against the doorway he puts his hand on her shoulder and says “Well, I guess it’s my lucky day little girl, but you’re going to get hurt as I have some fun….badly hurt”. The smile on Ivy’s face now turns serious as she unfolds her arms and boots and stands up straight in front of the bad guys glaring intently at him. She looks down at his hand on her shoulder and then back up at him. The bad guy now removes his hand off Ivy’s shoulder and places it around the front of her throat and tries to pull her forward saying “Hey bitch, how about a kiss?” Ivy remains calm and unflattered before she suddenly delivers a fast serpent hand strike to his throat causing him to lose his breath and bow forward slightly. Ivy then quickly follows by grabbing the man’s hair with her left hand, lifting him up with super strength. Holding him upright Ivy responds, “Kiss this…… arsehole.” She now drives several straight punches into his face with her right fist. Softy smiling, she releases his body to crumple. Ivy now cracking her knuckles loudly in preparation for the fight ahead directs her remarks to the remaining man in the room “I hate being called a bitch”. 

Ivy now steps over the first male opponent’s body moving into the middle of the room where she beckons her opponent to attack her “Come and play with me tough guy.” As Ivy now stands with her arms crossed, her male opponent walks up to Ivy and begins laughing at her. Shortly afterwards Ivy delivers a single straight open palm strike to his face that stuns him motionless. The male opponent cries in pain, “You broke my nose, you bitch.” Ivy then follows up with a prolonged series of rapid-fire punches (see Ivy Custom - Fight Video 02 - Rapid Fire Punches). With the male opponent stunned and unable to respond, Ivy turns her back on him to face the other male attacker who by now has gotten up on his feet again. To both the men Ivy she says, “You men really need to be polite to me!” Suddenly Ivy then swings her fist upwards and backwards into the face of the male opponent behind her knocking him backwards and onto to the floor. She now speaks to both of her male opponents “You pathetic losers, I am only just beginning to warm up.” 

Scene 2 now erupts into a big fight scene using the Ivy Custom - Fight Videos 01 to 07 supplied and subsequent Ivy Custom - K Videos 01 & 02 at the end. Can you please include some of the aikido wrist throws as well (see Ivy Custom – Special Videos 04 – Aikido Wrist Throw).

About two-thirds of the way through the fight scene, after Ivy has knocked both men to the ground, she turns her back to the two men and stand up straight with her arms crossed in front of her. As the men slowly get up behind Ivy, she is looking forward at the camera away from the men and warns them, “If you boys are smart, you’ll stay down on the ground.” Not listening to her advice, the two men approach Ivy from behind, and stand, one behind each of Ivy’s shoulders. A smile comes across Ivy’s face as she says, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you arseholes”. She then suddenly reaches down and grabs both their groins. As both men lean forward in pain, Ivy tightens her grip as both men moan in severe pain. After about 10-15 seconds Ivy launches her elbows backwards into her male opponents’ stomachs before swinging up both of her fists backward into their faces, stunning both men (see Ivy Custom - Special Video 07 - Double Groin Crush). The fight now continues until Ivy defeats and finishes both men.

The scene closes with Ivy sitting on the back of one of her defeated male opponents in a meditating position (see Ivy Custom Picture 01 – Black Sleeveless Bodysuit).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lady in Black - Ivy

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