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As story ... I have to admit, I am a bit low on creativity.  I am thinking of re-doing a version of "black canary lora part 2" (where Lora fought 4 thugs in the end) as well as "black canary part 3" (where Lora

fought 6 thugs in the end), which you once did for me.  But certainly feel free to vary details, the story, etc., feel free to be creative!  I leave it up to you, whether you want to use that cellar dungeon in

"Female revenge. 2 vs 1" or the living-room style environment of those "black canary lora" videos or something else for it all to take place.

Something to include, perhaps: in those other videos, the thugs often attacked Lora one-by-one.  You could have that happen here too, Naomi defeating them, then letting them get up and challenging them "You know,

you might have a much better chance, if you attack me all at once, together!  Try it!  That, at least, will make it for an interesting challenge!" ... and the thugs scheme, attack her all at once, and, obviously still fail.  There are also quite a number of creative several-thugs-at-once-against-Lora scenes in those other videos, and they should provide for plenty of inspiration here too.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Black Canary Naomi

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