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  • Naomi accidentally lost the fight

Custpm clip request

Hello! I would like to order a Costum with Naomi where she loses a fight, is this possible?

I just saw her in "Naomi was almost cheated. Part II" and i think i am in Love with her :)

For my clip i need the same Outfit and style from her, this was perfect.

In my Clip she plays a confidently Character what is to overconfident and unexpectedly loses the fight against a weaker opponent.

At the beginning, she beats up the opponent really good, and she even lifts him up with one hand, to show how strong she is.

She is mocking him and really enjoys the fight. But this Part should not take long, because the focus is her beatdown.

After this short beatdown, the opponent is laying on the floor and realize he need to chance his strategy to Win this fight.

After this he tries to avoid /block her attacks and he gives her so many punches and kicks in a short time as he can. I would like to see

Punches and Kicks against her Head and Body, with a good number of belly/stomach punches!.

But even now she get hits, she  enjoys the fight, she is smiling some times, and is mocking him for how weak he is

and she barely feel the punches.  ( But she is not invulnerable, so she shows a reaction from the punches and kicks! So she is a little bit lying her)

After some fighting she finally becomes weaker and she realize she might lose this fight. She now tries seriously to take him out,

she loses her self conceited Character and is not enjoing the fight anymore.

 But he makes a great job to avoid her attacks and gives her more and more punches. And now i I would also like to she some differend holding of her Hands/arms and some Armtwists to make her defenceless, to show that she is weaker. As an an example: She tries to punch him with a Fistpunch, but he can block this and is now holding her straight Arm and twist it a little bit. After this she stands sideways and he can punch her Ribs.   I hope it's understandable what i want.

  After some good fighting stuff she is really weak and canĀ“t fight back anymore. In the End she stands with her back to a wall and is defenseless.  He punches her Belly with fast and quick punches what really hurts her. Like Lesley did it in the Clip "Lesley rises" where she hits one Guys Belly like a "Machine Gun" I really liked this Scene.  After this she falls down on her knees and after this she falls over. She is finally K.O.st 

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Naomi accidentally lost the fight

  • Brand: NAOMI
  • Product Length: 10 minutes
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  • $10.99

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