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  • Amazons Diana and Ivy capture the secret agent

Custom clip request 

Models: Ivy and Diana

1 male- no mask

Costume: Ivy: short black dresses, Full length fishnets and thin soled stilettos or pumps, please

Diana: the outfit from "Diana punishes cocky Boss" with high heels. no boots, please.

Lifts: are like my usual orders- two shots so no actual lifting is required. 

Premise: Ivy is a powerful seductress who drains men of the strength to add it to her own. She sends Diana to capture a secret agent who has been trying to stop her. 

Scene 1: Diana 

1. The secret agent (SA) returns to his home to find the beautiful Diana waiting for him with her legs crossed. She is gorgeous. 

2. “Welcome home, my pet. I hope that you don’t mind that I made myself comfortable. Now that you’re here, I can take you.”

3.  He prepares for battle. She stands up slowly. She is an amazon! This fight will be harder than he expected 

4. She walks up to him slowly. She looks at him hungrily relishing what’s to come. 

5. He throws a punch but it bounces off her stomach. Another punch. No effect. She chuckles seductively. 

6. She catches the third punch in her fist. She squeezes his fist in her grip. He falls to his knees next to her beautiful legs. 

7. She reaches down and grabs him by the neck and lifts him off his feet. He can’t break free

8. She tosses him and he stumbles back towards a wall

9 She pressed the attack and pushes hin up against the wall and holds him there with her knee on his chest. He pushes on her knee but it won’t budge

10. “My leader wants you in one piece. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun first”

11 she releases him and he slides down the wall

12. She lifts him up against the wall by his armpits. She leans in close and kisses his cheek then She lifts him higher. His feet are dangling. 

13. “You’re so helpess”

14. She throws him to the floor. He gets up and tries to fight. She backhands him and he goes flying back. 

15. He recovers and charges her. She easily catches him in her arms, wrapping them around his waist and squeezes. His feet dangle helplessly . He tries to push on her shoulders to free himself but she has him. 

16.  “Poor baby. I’m crushing you. Try to break free”

17.  He can’t. 

18. “Learn about muscle, weak one” She squeezes harder. 

19. “Submit to me and the pain will end”

20. He submits. She stops squeezing but continues to hold him helpless. “Good boy”

21. She sets him on his feet then wraps her arms around him again pinning him. She holds him. Not squeezing. Just captive.

22. “I have you, don’t I”

23. She squeezes him again. This time he almost passes out in her arms. She releases him and goes to sit on the chair. She crosses her legs seductively. 

24 “Come to me”

25. He does so. 

26 “on your knees”

27. He does so. His face is so close to her crossed legs. She leans forward and takes his chin in her hand

28. “You’re mine. Ivy will be so pleased”

End scene 1

Scene 2: Ivy

1. Ivy, is sitting on her throne. Legs crossed. 

2.  Diana enters with her captive. She has his arms pinned to his sides. Diana puts him into position then wraps her arms around him holding him prisoner for Ivy. 

3. “Welcome, little one. We have you at last.”

4. She uncrosses her legs and stands up and slowly walks up the the helpless SA

5. She takes his chin in her hands and forces him to look at her

6. “I plan on draining you of your strength and adding it to my own.”

7. He struggles but can’t escape Diana. 

8. Ivy: “such spirit! You will be delicious” 

9. Ivy walks back to her chair. She doesn’t cross her legs. 

10. “Diana, bring him to me, please”

11. Diana brings him right up to her and squeezes him from behind. When lets go he falls to his knees at Ivy’s feet. 

12 Ivy: “poor baby. Rest yourself on my lap”

13.  He leans his hands on her thigh and Ivy crosses her legs trapping his hands between them. She laughs as she squeezes and his power drains into her. He becomes weaker

14. “Yes. Give it to me. It’s mine!”

15. Ivy releases him. She sits back and crosses her legs. Elated and powerful

16. Ivy “you ARE delicious. I will keep you as my own”

17. She stands up.  Pulls him to his feet by his hair.  She takes him by the throat and backs him up against a wall.  She leans in close. Diana sits in the chair and crosses her legs, watching.

18. Ivy:"Let me show you how helpless you are"

19.  She lifts him slowly by the throat.    His legs dangle next to her calves.

20. Ivy: "Thank you for my gift, Diana"

21. Diana smiles and crosses her legs. Pleased.

22. Ivy releases him and steps back.  

23. "Fight me"

24.  He tries to punch but she catches his wrist.  He tries with the other but she catches that one too.  She has both hands.  He struggles but she has him.  

25.  She pulls him in to her so that she has him from behind.  One hand pulls his head back to her lips, the other arm has him pinned.

26. "You're mine"

27.  She wraps both arms around him now.  He's pinned.  She squeezes him.  His feet leave the ground.

28. She drops him.  spins him around and lifts him high by his armpits.  

29.  His legs flail.

30.  "you belong to me. I will enjoy keeping you"

31. She sets him on his feet but continues to hold him.

32. "Who do you belong to?"

33. He doesn't respond.

34.  She laughs, pleased at his defiance. She begins to squeeze

35.  She whispers in his ear"Who do you belong to?"

36. He nods.  

37.  "Good. Very good."

38.  She releases him and he falls to the floor.  She walks to a table and sits on it. She crosses her legs slowly. Diana goes to sit next to her.

39. Ivy: "Come to me"

40.  He's under her spell now. He gets up and goes to her.  She wraps her legs around him and holds him tight.  She squeezes and begins to drain him again.  

41. When she's done she let's him go and he falls to the floor unconscious.

42. Ivy and Diana cross their legs and smile at their new captive.

43.  Ivy: "Well done, my dear. We're going to enjoy him"

Black out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Amazons Diana and Ivy capture the secret agent

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