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  • The lesson in self defence from Sasha

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The first scene with one guy will be at the gym. Sasha will show some self defense moves explaining what she is doing every time. There will be hits to face, nose, ears, body and of course groin.

The second scene with two guys will be at an indoor place, where Sasha will be in heels. She will make a introduction at the beginning of what she will do and then start the action. I want punches and kicks to face (also nose, ears), body and groin. Also groin grabs. I would especially like her to be grabbed from behind and execute a back kick to groin. I would like to see it in slow motion as well.

The third scenario with 3 guys will be at her home, wearing underwear. She will make also an introduction and then start the action. The hits will be the same as the second scenario. I would also like to see a back kick to groin, like the second scenario (with slow motion as well).

In general i want to see groin strikes, but not only. I would also want some sound effects, especially for groin strikes, like "oh my balls" or "my nuts" or something like that. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The lesson in self defence from Sasha

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