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  • Alexa will stop at nothing to achieve what she wants

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So Alexa enters a room wearing stilleto shoes. Don't care about the cloths. There is a guy sitting behind a table.

You approach him and tell him that the boss sent you to collect the signatures for his business and if he won't sign, you would have to finish him. The guy laughs and tells you that he used to be a kickboxing champion and he will make a deal with you, who ever is on the ground first loses. You agree to the challenge and he takes off his shirt so his upper buddy is expose. You take off your stilletos so you are bear foot. You start fighting for about 2 minutes.

Now at the end of the 2 minutes I want him to be with his back to the wall and your foot is on his chest squeezing him hard until he loses consciousness.Then you let go and he falls to the ground on his back.When he is on the ground I want you to jump on his chest with both feet or pretend and the camera after that is showing him on the floor and you standing on his chest .You start talking to him. It seems to me like the great champion found himself on the floor under my feet. You look much better under my feet.do you give up to me??He answers yes you beat me. She laughs and says, you never thought you will find yourself defeated lying under a woman's feet?? You come down from his chest and leave one foot on his chest.please keep your entire sole on his chest. You then tell him, will you give me your business now and he tells you yes please don't finishl me. You say of course I won't. You give him the papers and he signs them while you entire sole is on his chest. Please keep a victorious smile on your face. After he signs the papers, you make a phone call from your cellphone and tell the boss that the business is his. The boss tells you to finish him. You lift your foot and smash it on his chest. He lifts his head like struggling to resist and holds your foot but after a few seconds takes his head down and leaves your foot. He is finished now.You then say to him, remember when I told you I won't finish you, sorry I lied. You climb on his chest with your foot, step over his body and leave with the paper

Toenails colored Pink

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Alexa will stop at nothing to achieve what she wants

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