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  • Sasha fights against 4 men

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model sasha

4 men


sasha enters a warehouse and is attacked by 4 men

saha defends herself as she can she has a man fallen on the ground but the man grabs her legs

and the fact fell to the ground men takes advantage of it to immobilized sasha to the ground as picture 1

after a few minutes sasha happens to get clear of taking men and escapes from the warehouse

she returns to take revenge and falls on the 4 men and tells them that they have no chance against her

the men laugh at the beginning a man is fighting against sasha

sasha takes over and makes man ko

2 men start fighting with sasha c too easy for sasha she laughs

sasha made a man fall to the ground while she fights against the man still standing the fourth man

joined the fight it starts to be hard for sasha but she resists

both men on the floor wakes up and grabs sasha legs from behind

sasha tries to get clear of the hold but she falls to the ground the four men throws herself on sasha

immobilizing his arms is these legs

sasha comes at the end of her strength she fights against taking four men for a few minutes

one of the men puts him a point of view which puts it ko

the four men raises sasha as a trophy

end of the clip

a lot of hold has 4 men on sasha like the pictures 1 and 2

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Sasha fights against 4 men

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