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  • Bionic Diana beats up the criminal

Custom clip request 

Diana wears same outfit as previous Bionic Lesley custom with new mules. Her hair and makeup is similar to makeup3 attachment. Mans wears casual outfit and mask. Id like to get the actor in Sexy Ivy wins the fight.

Diana beats up criminal in room. Same room as in past customs. 

Man enters the room. He looks around the room with POV. Doesn't see anyone. He tries to steal something. Before he takes it he notices Diana sitting down with legs crossed. She waves hello with her index finger. Refer to movie scene attachment. He 'does not' wave back but tries to leave. She stops him with her powers. I prefer it looks like she does it with her mind. But also by pointing her crossed leg at him and waving her shoe. 

Refer to attachments for poses and angles. Please have separate camera shots for some of the camera angles.

Lots of angles showing face, cleavage, butt,  legs, mules

Diana laughs every so often.

Sitting with legs crossed. Kicking man with crossed leg. I prefer the way you do it in the attachment. You point your leg 

 crossed leg kick.mp4forward and lightly tap his body with your shoe. Effortless

Please copy 'cap' and 'arching while sitting' attachments during crossed leg scene.

Standing with one leg on stool. Same stool please. Arching the foot. Both sides of the foot and leg with closeups. Could you copy the angle in the pic with the wrinkled arch visible.

Little moments of Diana punching or kicking man. Sometimes in superspeed. And slo mo

POV shots. Especially of Dianas face.

 movie scene.mpg

 arching while sitting.mp4

Hugging and lifting at same time with closeups of her face raising eyebrow. Shots of Dianas heels and mans feet dangling.

Last 2 or 3 minutes is Diana kicking him repeatedly. At first he is able to block her leg. Then her kicks start getting faster. He can block some but not all. Her kicking gets superfast and he is just taking it to the body and face. POV of both of them throughout.

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Bionic Diana beats up the criminal

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