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  • Diana likes to be punched

Custom clip request 

Here is my storyboard for <Diana likes to be punched>:

As all the gangs are practicing at the gym, suddenly Diana comes in. She wears long sleeves leotard (the leotard is exactly like the "Eriny likes to be punched") and extremely shiny pantyhose within a black catsuit (the catsuit is exactly like the catsuit in your episode "Stella is a neck breaker") , she also wears high heel boots, with a coat outside of catsuit.

She comes in and she says to the gangs that she wants them to beat her body, she says she used to get a lot of guys to beat her body but nobody satisfied her. She wonders if the gangs can beat her up real good.

She takes off her boots, she passes through railing and walk into the gym, gangs start to ask her to take off her coat. She refuses and says "if you guys can beat me up real good I'll consider to take off my coat".

She open her coat and show the gangs her front body in catsuit. The gangs say "you enjoy to be punched?" Diana replies:" yes, just punch my body as hard as you can, no matter how long, how many of you, how hard it is, just punch me." She opens her arms and the gangs start to punch her body. She's really enjoying to be punched like she's having sex kind of feeling.

She keeps saying"you can punch more" "don't be shy" "punch me to death", some phrases like that.

After around a minute of punches, she is slightly satisfied, but she wants more and harder and faster frequency of punches, says"if I take off my coat, will you able to punch me better?"

The gangs say yes and then she takes off her coat and throws it outside the railing of the gym.

and walks to the corner of the gyn and set her body like the picture shown:

and says:"I'll expose my full body for you to punch free. come on and punch me" The gangs comes in and start to punch her.

She can have some words during the punches like" I really enjoys punches, punch harder, punch faster" (Diana is free to design the dialogue)

After 3-5 minutes of punches she is really enjoying it and she moves to the center of the gym and says she'd like to fight back.(This is the only part Diana fights back)

But Diana is actually pretending fighting back, she just wants the gangs to be more serious. She throws punches and intentionally misses every punch because she doesn't want to hurt the gangs.

And the gangs punch her at the same time during the fight. She even intentionally to expose her body to the gangs so that the gangs won't miss their punches.

After 2 minutes of punches, she goes down and lies on the floor, let gangs to kick and punch her body freely.

5 minutes later,  she gets up and moves towards to the black nets wall, and she opens her arms and grabs the nets and says something like: this is the last chance for you guys, if you can beat me real good, I can take off my catsuit and leave to you guys as a souvenir".

The gangs start to punch her again.

After 3minutes she is really enjoy with those punches and she takes off her catsuit and give it to gangs, after that she is going back home.

As the moment she goes through the railing of the gym, one of the gang says he wants her leotard as souvenir too and punches Diana's back while Diana is crossing the railing.

Diana appears really enjoys that punch and comes back says:"sure, if you can punch me real good i'll consider to take it off and give it to you guys.

She moves to the railing of the gym and says" help the lady out, come and help me positioning".

She set her body with the help of the gangs like the picture shows:

Once it's done, she tells the gangs to punch her with a smile on her face.

The gangs comes up and punch her belly and back about 3 minutes, clip fades out as the punch goes. Movie ends.

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Diana likes to be punched

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