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  • Sasha loses to Caleb

Custom clip request 

General notes: Sasha is confident, but as the tables begin to turn gets more frustrated and upset. She should fight and struggle through the KO holds very energetically, then get frustrated (to the point of crying/begging in the later rounds) before passing out. When KO’d, Sasha should have eyes closed, mouth slack but with no tongue protrusion. No coughing in KO holds. Male is quiet during the fight, just taking care of business.


Sasha: Bikini, as revealing as possible/comfortable. Color doesn’t matter. Black fingerless gloves, barefoot. 

Male: Shirtless and short trunks if available, gym shorts OK. Ideally will be fit/muscular.

Round 1: Sasha stretches in the ring/cage as the camera pans around her at all angles up close. After 20 seconds or so, she turns to the man, smiles confidently and stares him down. He  raises his hands to begin the fight, and Sasha moves in to punch/kick/throw the male a few times. The man then counters with a big punch to the face sending Sasha flying to the mat, surprised. The man moves to her and adjusts her to put her into a sitting sleeper hold (see reference at the end of the paragraph). Sasha struggles strongly for ~10 seconds, then gets weaker and eventually passes out. The man should hold the sleeper hold for a few more seconds after Sasha passes out just to be sure, then release her and leave her on the mat. The camera pans over Sasha KO’d on the mat before fading to the next scene. 

Round 2: 

Sasha and the man face each other in the ring. Sasha upset from losing but still confident. She has a good start, throwing the man around and getting him with a few punches/kicks, and finally manages a front takedown/mount. The man counters into a front headscissors (see reference below). Sasha struggles as much as she can before eventually passing out. The man holds the scissors on for a few seconds, then releases her. She lays KO’d on her belly on the mat as the camera gets a good look all around before fading to the next round. 

Round 3: The man gets off to a hot start, throwing/punching/kicking Sasha all across the mat for a minute or so, knocking Sasha down a few times. She gets up for more each time, but eventually it’s too slow for the man and he gets impatient. He locks Sasha in a front sleeper (reference below), Sasha fights to escape as much as she can but eventually passes out like before. The man keeps the hold locked in for a few seconds after she passes out, then releases her and leaves her KO’d. The camera gets a good look all around Sasha before fading to the next round. 

Round 4: If possible I’d like to be surprised for the final round. Similar idea with a fairly even fight for 30 seconds or so before the man locks in a KO hold. Sasha fights back but can’t escape and passes out, then the camera gets a good look all around. This time, however, the man returns, wakes her up and puts her in a similar sleeper hold to Round 1. He says something to the effect of “you put up a good fight” (language doesn’t matter, English or non-English is okay). Sasha, realizing what he’s about to do, tries to escape but eventually passes out in the hold again as before. The man holds the sleeper for a few seconds to be sure, then snaps Sasha’s neck with his hands before leaving her on the mat. The camera pans over Sasha as Sasha twitches occasionally on the mat, getting a good look all around, before the video fades out and ends. 

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Sasha loses to Caleb

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