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  • Super Sasha vs zombies

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sasha arrives depuit the air like the clip (Lesley drains the superpowers from Supergirl)

sasha enters a hasty warehouse to search for top secret documents about human experience

sasha meaning that something is wrong, 1 zombie hidden behind a wall pulls him a ray of kryptonite in the back, the ray passes in his body

 sasha loses heroic powers but does not know it yet

she gets into a room where a zombie is lying on the floor sasha snakes up the zombie gently and examines the zombie

sasha is going to leave but the zombie catches her legs (the zombie has to stay on the ground) sasha is struggling to get rid of the zombie she realizes what lost this power

it rocks the zombie in the head but the zombie does not loose it. after 4 minutes (a lot of struggle with sasha legs)

Sasha escapes the zombie out of the room she runs to hide in another room.

when she gets in the room 2 zombie are lying on the floor sasha approaches slowly examines 1 zombie at the moment or sasha

going to leave the 2 zombies wakes up is catching sasha's legs (the zombies stays on the ground) a big fight for sasha who's really struggling

released her legs but with a lot of struggle from her (at least 5 minutes) she escapes the 2 zombie out of the room running.

when she comes out of the room

 she finds herself facing 4 zombies (2 standing and 2 lying on the floor) sasha starts to fight with the 2 standing zombie

punch and kick a lot of fight from sasha.

when sasha starts to get the upper hand on the 2 standing zombie. the 2 zombie lying on the floor wakes up and crawls

until sasha from behind and grabs sasha's legs.

sasha tries to escape but the 2 zombie on the floor are too strong for sasha he firmly holds her legs

the other 2 zombie standing starts to beat sasha .sasha falls on the ground exhausted sasha is blocked by the 4 zombie who hold it (at least 5 minutes)

(as in the picture) 1 zombie bites her at the sasha blow too angry starts to struggle and gets away from the 4 zombie

kryptonite has disappeared from are corp sasha kills the 4 zombies of a laser beam from these eyes

sasha comes out of the warehouse and takes off in the air

end of the story

possible special effect for the kryptonite ray shot by the zombie on sasha (possible that the kryptonite ray of the zombie goes out by the mouth of the zombie)

and for the laser beam of sasha eyes

sasha's outfit: supergirl

4 men: possible to have zombie face

 sasha must have remained standing in all this fight except for the last scene

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Super Sasha vs zombies

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