female fighting stories

  • Lillian tore her pantyhose while fighting

Attire: white pantyhose. No other preference. Leotard, skirt, short pants, etc. would be fine. 

Main Script: Model A is tailing model B. B eventually figures out and challenges A "Get lost or bring it on!" A does not compromise. And the fight begins. [Here comes 2-3 minute fighting with some creative leg moves, knockouts, sidekick, head slams, etc. You can make the call. Make sure scenes mainly on feet and legs to capture the pantyhose is getting dirty gradually]. B knocks out A and starts to take off A's shoes. A resists, yelling "How dare you to take off my shoes!". A then has to fight without shoes. B then takes a different tactic that she dodges all A's attacks (more scenes on legs and feet to capture the pantyhose is getting dirty gradually). A looks at her messy and muddy feet and says "Oh damn my pantyhose!" She begins to make some powerful moves and re-gain the advantages [minutes fighting. You can design the actions]. B then fights back and tickles A's feet and legs. A feels shameful and helpless. A has to battle in her dirty and slightly ripped pantyhose for the remainder of the fight until both are worn out.

Basically the fights would be flexible. There is no need for any special effect.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian tore her pantyhose while fighting

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