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  • Last night of Lillian's slave

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Lillian dressed as "Lillian and the Prisioner" is lying on the sofa as seen in the image above. We see her in diferent angles moving her feet gracefully. The whole clip we see her full length. In front of her his slave kneeling on the floor with his hands clasped behind his neck. On his face we can see bumps, bruises and injuries. The slave is unmasked and is a tall and strong man.

"Tonight your death sentence will be fulfilled. I am your executioner" she says moving her feet in the air with grace.

-No, no, please, I don't want to die- he begs.

-It's your last night, but I already had too much fun with you. I will finish you very slowly. I want to have fun watching you suffer- she says laughing.

-No please, I'm afraid- says the slave crying.

-As a last wish I will let you choose the last torture of your life- she says gracefully moving her feet.

-I'm a young girl and I need to have fun. Breaking the bones of my slaves gives me great pleasure. You can choose the last torture ... 

you prefer my fists, my kicks, I can hit you with a baseball bat also to break your head.

-No no please. I can't stand torture anymore. finish me at once.

- Choose or I will choose for you - she says sitting aggressively.

-I choose to die. Please finish me now - pray the slave.

-Very good, I will choose for you. Let me see. I choose EVERYTHING !!!!

-No no piety-moans the slave-just finish me quickly

She stands up and starts punching him, kicking him all over his body, breaking his arm, sticking the heel of his shoes in his body, ballbusting, breaking fingers. The slave always asks her to finish him.

-Now I will break your knee with my heel-

She proced. We hear a sound of bones breaking.

-I love the sound of breaking bones.

The slave cry.

-But much more I like the sound of your pain, of your suffering. Its give me much pleasure!!!

The slave cryes desesperate.

-Now walk. Came on walk.

The slave  tries to walk but falls for having a broken knee. 

she laughs and kicks him to walk

The slave is dying on the floor. She comes out and enters with a baseball bat. She moves the bat from one side to the other laughing.

-Now your head ... get ready !!!! ....

She starts rubbing his head with the baseball bat while laughing

Point the baseball bat towards the slave's head, prepare to hit him on the head. The scene melts black. We hear a thud and the noise of the head that breaks. We hear Lillian's laugh

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Last night of Lillian's slave

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