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  • Lillian's boyfriend is jealous of her slave

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Lillian dressed as "Lillian playing with her pet", but with black boots as in the image above, is in the living room with her boyfriend. Both are standing. At her feet the slave kneeling with his hands behind the back of his neck.

-It's not good for a young girl to live with a man-the boyfriend says.

-But dear, he is not a man. He is just my slave. I use it for all housework. It is my toy to take my frustrations off. He sleep every day in the basement. And is very cheap. I feed him with dog food.

The slave cries. On his body he has marks of bumps, bruises and injuries.

-Are you sure? -Lillian's boyfriend asks.

-Yes darling. I will show you.

She starts to kick him in the body, in the testicles, blows to the face, knees. The slave falls to the floor crying. She places one foot on the slave.

-You see dear. It is just an animal without dignity. I can still kill him, it's my belonging-says Lillian

-I'm more calm- says the boyfriend.

-You can choose a torture and I will gladly apply it- says Lillian.

-Good idea. I like your new boots. You could break his hands with heels-says the boyfriend

-Good idea dear- says Lillian

-No no mercy-pray the slave.

She proceeds to break both hands with the heels of her boots. We hear in each case the noise of broken bones.

The slave cries with his broken hands.

Lillian and the boyfriend hug and laugh looking at the slave.

-I'm sorry my dear, now with broken hands it will be useless-says the boyfriend.

"It's true," says Lillian, laughing, "but I can always punish him for that."

"Slave, take the glasses to the kitchen," orders Lillian.

The slave tries to grab the cups but they fall.

"You are a bad slave," says Lillian.

She punishes him wildly.

The slave is on the floor dying.

She sets foot on the slave.

-Are you still feeling jealous? -Lillian asks.

-No, now I feel sorry for this animal. You can keep your slave without problem.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian's boyfriend is jealous of her slave

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