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  • Diana training her pets

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Diana pets: The pets day.

Scene 1

Two slaves (in underwear and without masks) are kneeling waiting for their mistress to arrive. On their faces we see bruises, bumps and injuries.

-Miss Diana is very cruel to us. She hits us every day-says a slave.

-To me she burst a testicle yesterday. I can barely walk. We must beg her not to hit us one day a month.

Enter Diana dressed as “Diana and the prisioner”, with the short and high heels in all the clip. We always see her in full length.

-Good day pets- she says and kicks the testicles to each one. Slaves fall sore. One speaks to her with a lot of respect.

-Miss Diana, we can't stand torture every day. We ask you one day a month free of torture.

-But it's what my slaves are for: for me to practice my punches and kicks. To have fun torturing you.

She starts beating,  punching, kicking and knelling boths for 5 to 10 minutes. When she beats one the other must to see.

-Please Miss Lilian, just one day a month ...-Says one slave almost dying.

Suddenly she stops.

-The day of pets !!! - she says laughing- Very well slaves today will be your day free of torture.

Scene 2

The two slaves are sitting on a sofa with their hands raised behind the back of the neck. On their faces we see bruises, bumps and injuries. Diana sitting in the middle of both supporting her head on the legs of one and the feet on the other slave. We see her shoes on the slave legs. We see them a little excited but scared. They are watchig tv togethers in the “pets day”.

- We can watch TV together but you can't lower your arms or you will be punished- she saids. We can see this position for 3 minutes. She is puting her head in the leg of one slave and the high heles shoes in the leg of the other.

 She is relaxed watching TV with her slaves on pet's day.

She plays with the heel of his shoe by pricking the slave's thigh. We see the pain in the slave's face.

-Are you  happy pets? -she said.

She continues to press harder and harder until the aching slave lowers her arms.

She furiously slaps him several times.

-Get up- she orders him. The frightened slave stands in front of her.

-Now you will see what happens when a pet ignores my orders- she tells the other slave.

She starts beating him, punching him, kicking the testicles, kneeling. We see it full length and from different angles. The pet falls. She sits on his chest and hits him wildly until he stops moving. She stands and places a foot on his chest. We see her heel shoe on the dead slave's chest.

-When a pet ignores my orders this is what happens. I just kill him. You understand?

The other slave nods very scared.

Scene 3

Diana on the couch watching television with the surviving slave. She is sitting next to the slave with her legs crossed. We see them in front. She moves her feets with the sexy heels. She slowly approaching her mouth to his ear and says:

-The day of the pet is over and I am very excited with the idea of hitting you until you are a pulp. Get up-she orders.

The slave begs for mercy. She starts beating him ...

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Diana training her pets

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