female fighting stories

  • Sasha fights with the criminals for the business

Sasha enters a room for documents secretly searched the room

a villain1 enters the room asks him what she's doing, Sasha replies that it's not

are struggling a fight starts, kick, punch, Sasha takes over the villain1.

the villain1 falls to the ground vanished another villain2 enters the room and sees are companion on the ground

the fight begins with Sasha but the villain2 and stronger than the villain1, Sasha has a hard time gaining the upper hand

the villain1 on the floor wakes up and catches Sasha's ankles (the villain1 must stay on the ground)

Sasha continues to fight the villain2 in front of her with fists and begins to take

the top.

the villain2 falls to the ground ko .Sasha tries to escape but the villain1 continues to hold his ankles

after a little fight Sasha kicks him in the head and the villain1 looses his ankles

Sasha comes out of the room running

(Sasha must have stood all the fight)

Sasha enters the same naughty room1 and naughty2 lying on the floor ko Sasha continues searched the room

villain3 enters the room but Sasha does not see him he arrives from behind and makes him a hit key with his arms

naughty3 is very strong Sasha really struggles to get out of this situation

naughty1 and naughty2 wakes up but stays on the ground he crawls up to Sasha and grabs his ankles

Sasha and really in trouble naughty3 by the blow and naughty1 and naughty2 by the ankles

how is she going to get out of this situation big fight for Sasha ......

you have to choose the end if Sasha is doing it or not

Sasha must have been standing all the way along the clip

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Sasha fights with the criminals for the business

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