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  • Bionic Alexa chases the criminal

Custom clip request 

The movie starts with man stealing something from the room. He looks around and doesn't see anyone. As he sneaks through the building he sees one of the high heel mules. Not you wearing it. Just the shoe on its own. He ignores it. After a while he sees it again and again. He starts getting nervous. Then he sees a chair with the mules on it or on the floor near it. We hear you laughing. 

Man looks around nervously. There is no one there. With the man facing the camera your leg appears on screen and kicks him in the stomach. See 'opening scene kick' Man falls backwards. Camera shows you sitting in the chair with your leg crossed. Arms are crossed too. Could you show closeups of your shoes, legs and face. While keeping your legs crossed you point your leg forward. Same as the kick. This activates your bionic power. No visual effects. Just sound effects. You make the man come to you. He makes sounds of pain and acts like hes being forced. He leans in front of you with his throat against your shoe. You smile to yourself as you watch him choking on your shoe. Could you show both side of your foot. Closeups of your face and his face. You raise an eyebrow. 

Alexa: Hello again Darling. Same thing every time. Do you surrender?

Closeup of his face choking. She hands him a piece of paper and and pen. Notepad size paper.

Alexa: Tell you what. Write down a number between one and one hundred. Don't let me see it. If I don't guess correctly I'll let you go.

Man writes down a number on the paper. Still has his throat against her shoe. He doesnt let her see it. Camera shot of the number and Lesleys face in the back. She says the correct number. Man makes a sad face.

Closeup of her leg kicking him away. He falls backward and cries in pain. He gets up and starts running leaving the item he took. Lesley stands up and starts walking.


-Man runs, walks and sneaks around.

-He sees Lesley many times. You walk and take your time.

-You taunt him by showing up everywhere. He sees you and runs.

-Close ups of your face smiling and raising an eyebrow.

-Lots of leg and butt shots. Could you do some where you stand off camera and then step into view with just one leg showing. Same thing with kicks and slo motion.

-Kick 2 and kick4 are examples and my favourite.

-Leg on the stool with man in the background running away. He runs back and forth, up and down stairs. You are there. In my last custom with her, she started the scene with the ankle locked but did not maintain it. 

-Man is climbing the stairs. When he is near the top, you step into camera view. First one leg is showing, then both come into view. Man falls down the stairs. 

-Man reaches the top of the stairs. He stops to look around. He doesn't see you. You are sitting in front of him, off camera, and extend your leg forward. He acts like hes being kicked and falls back down again. The kick doesn't have to be in slo mo everytime, but sometimes.

You do the same kick when standing.

-Sometimes you laugh.

-Man looks around. Closeup of his face. Your hand appears and gently press against his cheek. Just one hand. See attachment.

-In one scene you hug him.

-He crawls on the floor and sees your foot and then runs away. The camera follows him until your foot comes into view. Your are sitting with feet pose the same as attachment 'cap'. If you do this shot could you show the same side of the foot as the pic. This is my favourite side.

-Closeup of mans face on ground on all falls. Your shoe appears on screen. You press the top of your foot against his cheek and then push away with a kick motion. You are standing when you do this.

-In a similar moment, you put your foot on his shoulder and push him. With your shoes on. Side view shot of your foot.

-Could you do the scene where you stick your leg out from behind the door. This time with a closer shot. Your leg almost covers the screen.

-That action that I like where the woman stands with one foot arched. I'd like to see this when shes sitting with legs crossed. She arches the foot on the ground with mules on. If you can do a few moments where Alexa does this that would be great. Ive attached a clip. Just like this but she holds the arch a lot longer before resting her foot. Full leg shots and closeups of the foot. Same side as the clip.

I'd also like it if she says more things throughout the clip. Not just the opening scene. 

eg. 'Hello again Darling'

or just 'Darling'

      'You never learn do you'

     'Maybe you should just surrender'

at the end she says 'You are under arrest' …...'Again'

-Alexa is sitting with legs crossed at the top of the stairs. The camera is positioned at the top of the stairs next to her legs. Her legs are outside the frame. We see the man coming up the stairs. She points her crossed leg forward activating her bionic power. Her shoe comes on the screen. (staircase legview1)Man gets pushed back down the stairs. Camera moves back showing the rest of her leg with man in the background going backwards and screaming in pain. (legview2) Its similar to the slomo kick but more to the side. Could you repeat this from different angles showing both sides of her leg and shoe. Some are closeups of her shoe. One of her face smiling as she watches him go down the stairs.

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Bionic Alexa chases the criminal

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