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  • Super Lillian fell in love under the influence of pheromones

Lillian is at the beach jogging wearing the lower cut/fitted top from Lillian vs. the Evil Man, and yoga/gym shorts.  She stops and waves at the camera who is her friend and stops to say hello.  She thanks him for going to the beach with her while she completes her workout.  She sees a vial in the sand and picks it up.

"Hmm what's this?"  She asks.

"Careful, you know the rumors of superheroines falling victim of a love spell from a strange pheromone.  You could fall, victim."

"If I were a superheroine" she laughs.

She takes the top of the vial off and smells the contents.  A pink gas emerges and she inhales deep, then jolts up feeling the magic spell, shakes her head and stares off smiling and swaying in place, like in a daze.

"Are you ok?" He asks

"I'm fine, better than fine, I feel like I'm in love, it's so weird." (She hasn't looked at him yet she's staring off in a daze still)

"Stop joking, in love with what?"

"In general, like just love-" she looks at him, and jolts up looking at him very surprised, eyes wide, then touches her cheek smiling and sighing at him.

"-in love with you!"

"Stop joking."

"Yes...joking," she says taking a step back smiling.

She holds her heart gasping, then fidgets with her top.  She looks at him wide-eyed and tells him she feels like she's been struck by cupid's arrow.  She mimics being struck by cupid's arrow, and stops and stares smiling like a schoolgirl in love for a moment.  "it has to be cupid, because this has to be a spell.  this love I'm feeling is unnatural, its magical."  She looks at him running her hands up her body to her face.  "It's like I'm obsessed with you."  

She starts to do some stretches before running again, after a second when she reaches up, she feels the love spell and stares at him with a huge smile while stretching upward.  She lowers her arms slowly while smiling and runs her hand down her cheeks and holds her face up for a moment sighing and looking rather enamored.  She slowly pulls her hair out of her ponytail and swings her head around.

"Why haven't I noticed you before?"


"shh shh shh" she says walking to the camera slowly putting her finger up in a hushing motion. "Don't speak, just let me look at you."

She tries to stretch again but can't look away, and all she can do is show off in a love-struck daze by trying to stretch, trying to exercise in place like jogging, stretches etc but can't complete any of them.  She starts off fine but then everything she does turns into modeling and showing off her figure to him while smiling like a girl with a huge love crush.  She starts to profess her love for him and even starts to do a harem dance to get his attention, beckoning him.

In the middle of her dance, she shakes her head. 

"I have to focus...you're so handsome you know."

She sits and tries to meditate like in Diana and the Bandit, legs crossed in a meditation pose.  After a moment a pink gas rises while she is meditating and she inhales deeply while her eyes are closed unknowing what happened.  She jolts up, and shakes her head, she tries to meditate but can't focus and opens her eyes and sees him again.  The spell gets 10x stronger and she just stares at him sighing in the meditation pose, smiling wide.  She stands up and poses flirtily running one leg up the other, the camera pans up with her staring and smiling very love-stricken.  She starts to dance again, using her body language to get his attention.

"Are you ok?  This is only supposed to happen to superheroines?"

"Superheroines..." she says sighing. She walks very very slowly doing a model walk, swinging her hips and smiling wide really showing off, and when she reaches the camera she says "shh shhh Shhh darling" she shushes him again but this time backs up and blows him a superpowered kiss freezing him in place (no special effects are needed or camera filters just the sound of ice forming is fine)

"Don't move my love, yes I'm a superheroine" poses seductively "your superheroine" Poses more "I'll do anything for you, but for now don't move, just watch and listen, and be with me."

She twirls around and is in a supergirl beach type costume, like a bikini top and the supergirl skirt.

She models a bit showing off, dances for a longer period now, twirls around and stops to stare.  She trips another pheromone trap and the gas rises making her more enamored.  She gets desperate and can't fight the love spell.  She continues to model, dance, pose and twirl around him.

"What was I doing before, I can't remember" "I swear I feel like I've been struck by cupid's arrow." She actually feels a prick to her heart and jolts up feeling the spell get stronger. She says it has to be a love spell then talks about just how powerful her love feels, shakes her head is focused on him, flirts and poses tries to fight it and rationalize being under a spell, then succumbs to the spell completely.

She looks down and sees her jogging shoes.

"We were exercising together!"

She starts to stretch but posing to get him to look at her.  With lots of smiles.

She professes her love some more, arching back and running her hands through her hair smiling and sighing.  Again  She walks very very slowly doing a model walk, swinging her hips and smiling wide really showing off.

She talks about their future, how she will give up being a hero to be with him...then is blasted again with another colored pheromone.

She shakes her head and acts very much like an airhead, very bubbly, bouncy and ditzy.  

"like, what was I saying?"  "Superheroine? I don't have time for that stuff, it's just you and me!"

She models and giggles.  She tells him he's so hot, and her flirting becomes very exaggerated.  She does a few superhero poses smiling at him, modeling poses, and stares at him twirling her hair and forgetting most of her past.  She adjusts her outfit to be more revealing, and does a lot of poses but very exaggerated and very very slowly while staring and giggling/smiling at him.  

She asks him why can't she remember, then shakes her head and the spell gets stronger.  She says "who cares!" and leaps at him trying to hug him and kiss him on his cheek.  She twirls again wearing a different swim top and schoolgirl skirt.

He thaws out and she hands him her phone asking him to take photos of her so he can always remember the time they fell in love.  Her phone rings and we hear someone a female voice warning her friend not to speak and listen.  She says the beach is a trap and if she inhales any more of the pheromone it will become perminent.  She tells him to get her off the island and to be careful not to spring any traps, then asks to speak with Lillian.

She takes the phone from him and gets jealous that a girl called for him. 

"I'm a friend," she says to Lillian who can't focus.  

"Listen to me," she says, but Lillian just starts to dance smiling and holding the phone to her ear.

She seductively hangs up the phone and continues to dance.  It rings but it just makes her more into seducing her friend.  She puts the phone down knocking the vial that was in the sand sending the gas up once again.  She inhales, jolts up and the spell becomes permanent. 

She says she doesn't believe in love spells, but she's never, ever felt this way about anyone ever before.  She asks him out, shakes her head, and changes it to asking him to marry her.  She continues to dance speaking about love, being soul mates, and saying that she will never leave him...ever.  He tells her they need to find a cure, but she says you can't cure love, you just need to accept that I have these feelings for you!  She gets frusterated and she pouts stomping her foot which shakes the very earth demanding that he loves her.

It's weird, he says, I see the pheromone gas rise around her but it doesn't affect me.  She laughs at him inhaling again, hearts flow around her eyes and she adjusts her outfit to be more revealing.  

Do you know the best thing about having super endurance?  She asks giggling. I can dance forever!  She continues to dance, but instead of in place, its slow-moving but all around him, once she goes full circle around him she grabs the camera and acts like she's kissing him.  The end.

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Super Lillian fell in love under the influence of pheromones

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