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  • Sasha beats her boyfriend for cheating

Custom clip request 

- ACTRESS: sasha (dressed like in "sasha can win your game), made up and with red lipstick 

- Actor: one with muscle 


Sasha and her boyfriend come back at home after a walk togheter.

They seat on the sofa when the boy have to go to the bathroom, meanwhile she peeks in to his cell phone and she discovers that he betrays her with another girl.

When the boy return she initially approaches him with the intent to kiss him ,but when they become very close she hit him with an headbutt in the nose , that forces him to go to the ground with some blood in the nose.

He doesn't understand why she hit him and ask it to her but she answer him: "You disgust me! stupid Pig!", and starts to hit him with a series of kicks in the balls and in the stomach. (3 mins) 

Then she raises him from the ground and sticks him to the wall , take his balls with her hand and starts asking him : "who is that bitch?" (she asked it him 3 or 4 times and everytime he didn't answer her she hit him with punches in the belly and headbutts).

After that he punch her in the face and she faints and after a while she woke up sitting o a chair with her boyfriend in front of her face.(from now on she is barefoot)

She smile at him but then she spits in his eye and take his neck under her arm and she starts hitting him with a series of knee hit in the belly.After a little fight between the two, he takes her in a bearhug but she releases herself with an headbutt that put him down and take him in an headscissor (like the one in "Lesley teases karate master part2")  and she squeezes him more and more ,with her face that become more and more angry, until he loses consciousness .(6mins)

After some time he wakes up very shaky and she takes a run and makes a jump hitting him with a flying headbutt that put him definitely KO (with slow replay or different camera points of view)

She looks at him with disgusted air  and she load a spit that throws on his face and then she wears her heels and  goes away .(1min)

please put in this video a lot of headbutts :)

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Sasha beats her boyfriend for cheating

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