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  • Tom and Luke demonstrate their power

Custom clip requst 

Supergirl enters a room where Tom and Luke are waiting.

She says, "I hear there is trouble over here'.

Tom pulls out a device and points it at Supergirl, it sucks her powers out and goes into himself and Luke.

She falls to the ground and struggles to get up.

Ok, next, Luke walks up to her and kicks her, then picks her up and throws her across the room.

She picks up a steel bar and hits both the boys, nothing happens.

Luke takes the bar and bends it, he then gives it to Tom and he bends it.

They are so happy to find that they are super strong.

Supergirl then pulls out a gun and starts shooting the guys, we see the bulletts bounce off of their face, their chest and their groin.

The boys laugh.  Tom says, " We are as strong as steel".  He turns around and bends over and says, "Do you like my butt of steel?"

She starts to shoot at his butt and the bulletts bounce off of him.

Luke smile and then says, "Try me".  He then turns around and bends over.  Supergirl starts shooting his butt and the bulletts also bounce off.

She is very frustrated.  Both the boys have their backs turned to her now.

She starts shooting at their backs and their butts again and then their legs but it is useless.

Tom turns around and uses  his heat vision to destroy the gun.  Supergirl drops it.

Now both boys look at eachother and grin, they both start using their heat vision all around the room and destroying things.

Supergirl yells out "Stop that!"

The boys stop.

She walks towards them and Luke then uses his extremely powerful super breath   at her.


He is blowing for quite a while, she is forced up against a wall.  

(We see his face while he's blowing, then a shot from behind, so we can see his nice butt.

Same as in the last films.)

He stops blowing.

She begins to walk towards them again.

This time Tom uses his super breath now.

He is blowing for quite a while, she is forced up against a wall. 

He stops blowing.

The boys look at eachother and are both impressed.

Supergirl is weak and falls to the ground.  She says, "The police are on their way, you won't get away with this for long".

Next minute they hear noises coming from outstide .

They open a door and Luke says, "It's them!"

Tom says, 'let's blow them away too"

Luke then starts to blow his  incredible super breath towards the group of men.

He stops for a second and says to Tom, "Join me".

Now together both the boys are blowing their amazing super breath powerfully at the group of people.

They blow for a while.  Blowing to the left and the right . We see their beautiful faces blowing strong, then we see their nice butts  from behind.

The group of people are scared off .   The  boys stop blowing and grin at each other.  They are both impressed with their powers.

They shut the door and walk back towards Supergirl.  (You can film from behind the boys again)

Supergirl is standing up and trys to get out the room.  

Tom then grabs her and pushes her to the ground.

She gets up.

Luke says, " This is our farewell kiss Supergirl".

He then blows his super breath at her.

While he's blowing Tom then joins in and starts to use his super breath as well.

They are combining forces and she is blown all around the room and in circles.

At last they stop uisng their super breath   and laugh.

Supergirl falls to the ground.

Tom says "till next time".

The boys walk away.

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Tom and Luke demonstrate their power

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