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  • Diana kicks and stomps the balls wearing mules

Main character: Diana any random short shirt outfit. High heel mules on her feet and later on barefoot. The second goon character will wear the same outfit in the photo and please use the same guy. No skinny guy only a guy with a belly like the photo.

Diana will walk in a room like she was drugged. The thug with run in fast as try to throw her to the ground. She will grab his balls and squeeze hard. He will be in visible pain for 30 second. Be as free as you want with attacks but remember to add lot of ballbusting. Kicks to balls, knees to head and the balls, grabs to the balls and elbows as well as uppercuts. At one point have him slide down the wall spread eagle and her just walk closely between his legs camera angles of her heels from back mostly but it can be random. Towards the end for 6 mins have her stomp his balls like the Sasha Mules video him spread eagle. Then take off her heels after he expires and do a barefoot victory pose foot arched on his groin

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Diana kicks and stomps the balls wearing mules

  • Brand: DIANA
  • Product Length: 13 minutes
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