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  • Lillian pretends to be trapped

Custom clip request 

Since it will be a stomach-punching focused film, the storyline will be very simple. 

Scene 1

Lillian is an undercover policewoman . She is standing in a room, calling to her handler to report the secret information of the gang. Silently a thug appears behind her and hears what her says, and knows her identity. They then have a short fight and Lillian uses her high kicks to beat the thug to the floor. When Lillian thinks she has finished here and plans to run away, another thug appears and grab her arms from behind. The first thug now recovers and stands up from the floor. He punches her in the stomach, really hard punch, and Lillian bows her head, grunts ‘ooofff’, can not make more sound or move, doubling over, and the holder releases her. She falls down to the floor, down on her knees, holding her stomach. The puncher says to the holder ‘ get her up!’ The holder grabs her hands and lift her up into an AOH (arms over head) position. The puncher catches Lillian’s throat to lift her head up, saying ‘to pay back what you just did to me’.  Then he fires another hard punch to Lillian’s stomach. ‘Ooofff’ by Lillian, bending over again, no more move.

Properly extended suffering is at the maximum of my satisfaction.

Scene 2

2 thugs hold Lillian’s armpits and hands standing. Her head is bowed. The boss walks over to her,  pulls her hair and lift her head up. 

‘ Who sent you here?’ ‘I don’t know.’ Lillian answers. Her face looks determined but obviously in pain. Then he fires a hard punch to her stomach. She suffers painfully.  Head bowed. Doubles over. Reacts like what I wrote before, but in greater pain. 

Then the boss grabs a truncheon from the table beside by his right hand, and use his left hand to catch her throat, lifting her up straight. ‘ Im asking you one last time, who sent you here?’

Lillian’s in great pain, her eyes are half-closed and her eyebrows are frowning. But she says ‘ no way I will tell you’ 

The boss gets angry and pounds the truncheon to her stomach, and his left hand is still holding her throat, preventing her from doubling over. (Even though her body tries to do that instinctively.) Then he fires another pound. ‘ooofff’ grunts Lillian, with a bit water dripping down her lips. They release her body, with her holding the stomach, kneeling down on the floor.

Properly extended suffering is at the maximum of my satisfaction.

The rest of the story is up to you.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian pretends to be trapped

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