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  • Sexy Secret agent Lesley

I’d like a Custom with you based on one of my previous customs ‘Casey is a sexy secret agent’.

3 different outfits one for each scene

Scene 1 : (10 mins )

Outfit – White Karate Top / white panties / high boots / gloves

You are in your apartment Karate training, when 3 gang members break in, their boss wants you disposed of as you are a threat to their criminal organisation as you have just discovered they are planning a major robbery. Two of them grab you from behind whilst the third has a кnife, he says we have come to dispose of you on the orders of our boss. You smile sexily and say’ well guys you can try, but I warn you I am a Karate Master’, they just laugh. You kick the кnife out of his hand , then kick him in the balls, he falls to his knees and you repeat head kick him 10 times and he falls to the floor, you turn your head to the 2 holding you and say ‘see what happened to him, now it’s your turn’ you break free and hit them both in the balls at the same time then strike them twice in the head, they fall to the floor.  They all slowly recover dazed and a fight entails, I’ll leave the choreography to you but please include, serpent strikes, more repeat head kicks, 2 held under arms with back kicks, face palm strikes, 2 holding and legs around others neck, roundhouse kicks and karate chops , and handstand onto ones shoulders and face palm strike repeatedly in head. All done in your very sexy way . Please also include where you kick out and hold it for 10 seconds followed by repeat head kicks -In the end you break ones neck between your legs ( snapping sound ) the other 2 you lay them on the floor side by side and kneel on their necks and choke them, as you did in my first custom with you Lesley in leather.

Scene 2 ( 10-12 Mins )

Outfit – Leather / PVC mini skirt / White panties / high boots / gloves/ leather top

You have now changed into your secret Agent outfit and go to the gangs hideout to destroy the boss, you enter a stairwell and come across a guard, you ask him where the boss is hiding , he laughs and says you have to get past me and then I may tell you, you smile and say ok then!  a fight entails , please include repeat head kicks, high kicks, back kicks , karate chops and face palm strikes and finally you put his neck between your legs and say well? He says ok up the stairs in the room at the top, you snap his neck. You carry on up the stairs and again on the stairs you come across 2 guards, they look at you and laugh and say what’s this a sexy secret agent, you think you’re going to get past us …laughing – you say ok boys lets play! Again a fight entails using all the fighting techniques I have described and any others you can think of, please use different camera angles as you normally do particularly on the stairs. You end by snapping ones neck , and saying to the other now where is the boss, he says the boss left 10 minutes ago, but he will come and finish you off !. You snap his neck too.

Scene 3 ( 8 – 10 mins )   

Outfit – Schoolgirl outfit/ white panties/ boots / gloves

Your back in your apartment relaxing and just about to go out, your putting on your boots when the boss and 2 gang members break in , the boss says so you’re the one who eliminated my team, now you are going to pay for that . You smile sexily and say ok boys lets play! You stand up and one of the gang run towards you , you kick high into his face and hold your leg high while he falls to the ground, the other approached and keeping your leg raised you repeat face kick him several times until he falls to the floor. A fight entails using all the same techniques as Scene 1 , with 2 being eliminated by сhoking as scene I and  1 neck break between legs.

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Sexy Secret agent Lesley

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