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  • Strip fight

Please no slow motion or replay – no POV – no mask. Rob (who plays in “Sasha almost lost to rob”) and his henchman (who plays in “Lillina destroys the gang”.). They wear a jean and tight Tshirt. Rob orders his henchman to catch the lady. Lady runs and henchman is tracking her. Henchman threatens her to shoot. She stops and obeys.  He brings her to his boss. Rob is confident.  Henchman is ready to finish the lady. But Rob orders him to wait, he looks at the girl, she is pre%y so he offers her a deal : She "fights against them, each time one fighter goes on the ground, fighter takes off one cloth. Girl has no choice so she accepts. Men smile too confident. Henchman put his g in his jean (in his back) and is ready to fight.

Match begins : 1st round : 4 min

Henchman is really skilled and hit her few times. She manages to hit him sometimes but he always manages to fight back. She is dizzy. Rob tap with henchman and takes his place. Rob is really strong and don’t protect himself (too confident). She hit his abs then his head. Rob can endure it. Then Rob blocks her hit and hit her. His hit are really heavy and it hurts her a lot. They do this 2/3 times and she finally goes on the ground.She has to takes off her top cloth. She does. Rob and the henchman are looking really happy, massaging a little their crotch.

2nd round : 4 min

Girl Vs henchman. Henchman dominates. Girl is in trouble. He is ready to hit her again but she moves sensually teasing him. He is surprised and stop. She takes benefit of it to uppercut him. Then she chains few hits to his head. He is now dizzy. Rob orders him to fight. He does, he manages to hit her few times but when he tries to hit her with his feet she catch his leg and blocks it. She hits him many times on his head  until he is totally defensiveless. So she free his leg and hit him few times until he turns on himslef and fall on the ground. Rob helps the henchman to get up, henchman takes off his Tshirt. And Rob fight against the girl. Girl hits him few times but Rob is too strong… Rob blocks her and counter attacks with few hits… Rob bearhug her… And she finally fall on the ground. She takes off another cloth so she only wears underwear. Men are massaging their crotch and Rob takes off his shirt.

3rd round : 7 min

Henchman shows his biceps and puts his hands on his hips bombing his chest. She comes near him and tease him, she caress his face, then his chest then hits him in the abs then face. Henchman fights back and hits her few times. Rob smiles confident. Girl manages to block henchman’s punch and hit his groin with her hand. Then she hits him on the face and alternates hit to the face/ hit to the groin. Heis totally dizzy and finally goes on the ground. She takes benefit of it to take the g (which his in henchman’s belt in his back) but Rob sees it and hit her so the g goes on the ground. he hits her few times (Henchman gets up and takes off his pants). She fights back but Rob is really resistant. Rob manages to take his throat with one hand and blocks her against the wall. She can’t breath and is near to collapse, Rob and henchman smile. She manages to hit Rob’s groin with her knee. Rob is in pain but doesn’t releae his hold… So she hits him two more times on his groin to force him to release her. She hits him few times on the face, harder andharder. Sometimes Rob manages to block her hit but when he tries to hit her, she blocks him and hit him to the groin, then to the face. Rob is now totally dizzy and defensiveless… but he doesn’t fall… Too resistant until she uppercut him a last time. He is out !Henchman helps him to get up, Rob takes off his pants.

Last Round : 5 min

Both men against the girl. They hit her, she is in pain.They double bearhug her (one man on each side), she is in trouble, Rob congrats his henchman and orders him to squeeze more and more until she dies. She manages to grab their both crotch and squeeze them. They try to resist too close to win. But when she squeeze more (sound indicates she break their balls), they are forced to stop. She hits them on the face, they try to fight back but when they manage to be in control, she hits them on their groin…After few hits on the face, henchman goes on the ground. Then she focus Rob who is dizzy and uppercut him few times. He fall on the ground heavily few times but always get up after few seconds. She wait for him each time. When Rob is standing he tries to hit her but she blocks him, hit him on the groin and then few hits to the face. Henchman sneakly recovers and approach her from behind. Rob discreetly does a sign to him to ordershim to catch her. She sees it and hits the henchman on the groin (with her hand) without looking him. She hits Rob then hits the henchman who tries to recover (always without watching him). Both men are on the ground, Rob gets up.  Henchman crawl to try to take the g. She tries to stop it but Rob catch her from behind. She hits him on the groin and then kick henchman’s groin (from behind)  just before he manages to reach the g (always crawling). Men are standing taking support on each other , she hits them on the face and uppercut them they go down.

She takes the g and orders them to stand up and put their hands on their head. She then drives them to the police station.

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Strip fight

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