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  • Lillian vs evil man

Lillian will be wearing a MINI TUBE TOP and SHORTS, similar clothes as "Sasha almost lost to Rob." Her HANDS WILL BE TIED BEHIND HER BACK throughout the whole video and she will be BLINDFOLDED in the first half.


-Lillan is running from a evil man. She's blindfolded and has her hands tightly tied behind her back. Because she can't see, she's having a hard time escaping while she's running. The evil man confidently walks up to her without any rush.

-Without any choice, Lillian decides to fight the evil man while being blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back. She's unable to defeat him.

-Lillan uses her hearing to dodge the evil man's attacks. After a while, she makes a run from it again.

-Lillian is finding a place to hide. She hears the evil man coming. She hides by the corner of the wall as she listens to the footsteps.

-Once the evil man is close, she strikes him with kicks as much as she can't without giving the evil man any time to react.

-The evil man tries to grab her but he accidentally takes her blindfold off. "Much better," Lillan says.

-Now that Lillan is able to see, she dominates the evil man, who doesn't stand a chance against her.

-The evil man gets defeated. Lillian puts her foot on his chest as a victory pose while her hands are still tied.

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Lillian vs evil man

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