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  • Lesley got superpowers to avenge herself

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Lesley is a very weak and beautiful woman, especially the legs she wears nylon pantyhose to convey the special beauty of the feet of high heels.

One day, Lesley was making makeup at home. She wore a business attire, a short skirt, brown nylon pantyhose, and a group of gangsters (4 people, one boss, three followers) broke into the door. The group of gangsters coveted Lesley's beauty and the beautiful legs wearing nylon pantyhose, and rаpеd her (pretending to be on the line, no need to really rаpе). Played with her beautiful legs. 

A demon leader appeared and resurrected Lesley, but Lesley would join the demon family forever. The demon lord disappeared and Lesley gained super magic (the power of the demon) (no need for the devil's shape, only a very bright makeup, such as deep-colored lips). Lesley looked in the mirror, revealing a ghostly smile, then walked to the door and slowly disappeared.

Lesley will revenge in four different ways, ill-treating the four people who tortured and finished her. Overall, Lesley's super magic is to do whatever she wants. She can control and punish a few villains at will. Lesley is very charming and sexy during the revenge. She wears nylon pantyhose legs and feet to the villains. Fear, and a few villains are constantly begging for mercy. And can't escape Lesley's palm.

For the first person, Lesley's outfit is the black outfit in the "Lesley kicks karate master", with a thin black nylon pantyhose and red pointed high heels. The man was resting, then the lights flashed, and Lesley appeared in his room (elegant sitting, one leg on top of one leg), The man is so scared that get up and flee to the door, Lesley's ghostly smile,  disappeared then appeared at the door, blocking this person. The man took the g and madly shot at Lesley, but it didn't work. Lesley blew it lightly, blowing the man to the wall (lying down on the wall), and Lesley slowly walked towards him. Slowly take off her shoes, then slowly raise and hold the person's head by her feet. The villain showed pain, and then showed symptoms of poisoning. Then Lesley put on her shoes and disappeared toward the door.

For the second person, Lesley's clothing is the red clothe in the "CRYSTAL CARTER THE AGENT FASHION. Part II", with skinny nylon pantyhose and red shoes. Lesley also slowly appeared in this person's room (elegantly lying down), then the man was sitting on the ground and scared back, then Lesley sat up, took off a shoe, and pointed her foot to the person (the foot remained still) Then, the nylon pantyhose is quickly extended from the tip of the toe, grab the person's neck, and then quickly turn the person back. He was in front of Lesley, and Lesley hooked his chin with his foot and punish him in a teasing language. Then Lesley took off her shoes, her legs crossed on the sides of the man's neck, her left leg on his right shoulder and her right leg on his left shoulder, and then Lesley's leg and the man's body began to ignite, and the man was finally burned. Then Lesley put on her shoes and went to the door to disappear.

For the third person, Lesley's outfit is the white dress in the "Lesley kicks karate master", with a light-colored skinny nylon pantyhose and white pointed high heels. Lesley gracefully appeared in this person's room, abusing and teasing him with super magic for a while, he wanted to escape but could not escape. Then Lesley was elegantly lying on the bed, doing all kinds of sexy and feminine movements. This man is holding a stick and playing Lesley crazy, but he can't reach it. Then Lesley used magic to make the man's shirt disappear, and then gently sighed in the room, the whole room became very cold, frozen. This man shivered and wanted to open the door to escape, but could not open the door. Lesley was always smiling and the man was frozen into ice. Lesley blew a little and the iced man broke. Then Lesley went to the door to disappear.

The last person was the boss, and Lesley began to appear in the same costume as the first scene that she was finished. Then use the super magic to punish, teach and tease the boss. Then slowly circle, the clothing was replaced with "Lesley rises" clothes, black high-heeled sandals and slippers, no nylon pantyhose. A pair of nylon pantyhose (light skinny nylon pantyhose) was dragged in her hand. Then slowly show it to the boss. The boss is afraid of constant pleading. Then the boss had to run away, and Lesley grabbed him with super magic and then blew him to the bed. Lesley disappeared, then appeared on the bed, lying on the elegant side next to the boss, looking at him charmingly, then stepping on the boss's balls with his feet, and then a piece of essence slowly sucked into Lesley's feet. The boss is finally sucked dry. Then Lesley took off the nylon pantyhose and threw them on the boss. She walks to the door to disappear.

In the entire scene of revenge, Lesley is sexy, feminine and super-magic powers are reflected. Lesley can control, punish and tease the villains at will. The villains are always begging for mercy and fear. Lesley wants to show the thrill of revenge. Have some close-ups of the legs and feet in nylon pantyhose.

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Lesley got superpowers to avenge herself

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