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  • Enter The Lady Dragon - Lesley

Outfit: As per our previous emails I’m aiming for a K Bill theme. 

Black & yellow corset top

Black & yellow stripped pants

Long black leather opera gloves (please use the ones in “Don’t call me a bitch”)

Black leather thigh high boots (“Don’t call me a bitch”)

Karate black belt with the nunchucks tucked in behind the front of the black belt knot.

Hair and Makeup: Could you please wear your hair, make-up and earrings like in your recent custom “Don’t call me a bitch”:

Your hair like in the attached pictures, what I believe is called a “half up ponytail” like in “Don’t call me a bitch” (see Lesley Picture 02a/b - Hair). 

I would also like to see you with some make up including lipstick, eyeshadow etc. 

Hoop earrings

Male opponents: 5 in total please. All attackers wearing masks, hoods or balaclavas. Some with weapons e.g. sticks, baseball bats etc.

Opening Scene: The movie opens with a close up shot of Lesley’s eyes (See Lesley – Opening Scene Video 01). This video is almost exactly what I am hoping for. Lesley should have an uncompromising look of determination in her eyes. As the camera pans out showing Lesley’s head and shoulders with the long hair coming over her right shoulder and onto her chest. A thug (no mask this time so we can see the anguish on his face) appears behind Lesley on the right-hand-side. He starts trash-talking into her ear and he says “Well pretty lady, you find yourself in an awful mess now….. You’re in a lot of trouble……. Who do think you are coming in here alone against an army of men? Bruce Lee?”. The determined look on Lesley’s face remains unchanged throughout. As the camera stays on their faces, Lesley suddenly grabs the thug in the groin crushing his manhood (balls) as an excruciating look comes across his face. A smile comes across Lesley’s face. After crushing his groin hard for at least 10-15 seconds Lesley announces, “Bruce Lee is nothing compared to me”. The camera then moves to wider angle showing Lesley crushing the thug’s groin with her gloved right-hand before swinging her elbow back into his groin, then stomach followed by a quick back-fist strike to the face, sending the thug backwards. Lesley then swings around to face her opponent while striking a fighting pose. With the thug standing, but dazed and confused, Lesley moves forward with rapid machine gun punches to his face. As the thug falls to the ground unconscious, Lesley now turns to a second thug raising her fists in the air ready to fight. As the second thug moves towards Lesley she moves in to finish him by first punching him in the face to break his momentum before she then brings him forward and kneeing him in the chest before swinging her long leg over the back of his neck pinning one arm down. The camera angle now changes to being behind Lesley while she is still holding this thug’s arm in position. The camera pans up from her long boots to her head and shoulder. Lesley now looks over her shoulder at the camera and says, “Who wants to play with me next?” as she twists and breaking the other arm as her opponent cries out loudly in pain. Could this fight move be shot from 2 angles please? She then pushes away her victim and he crumples to the floor. The remaining attackers are stunned with disbelief at what they have seen. 

 For the purposes of this film the two opponents whom she has just defeated should now be with the other hooded thugs so that Lesley is about to fight three opponents. All the attackers now form a circle around Lesley.

What happens next is big fight seen using the attached “Fight Videos” as examples. Lesley, you did such a wonderful effort in my earlier films, I am going to leave it to you how you and your team how you mix together the different fight moves. Lots of kicks to the heads like (Lesley Custom Fight Video 10 – Spinning Head Kicks) and perhaps a few judo throws as well.  

Lesley now systematically finishes each of her attackers using the Lesly Custom - Kl Videos. With the Lesley Custom – K Video 01 – Ball Crush could Lesley, after releasing her grip on his balls she grabs him by the throat with one hand while she pile-drives several punches into his face before releasing him and ‘blowing a kiss’ as he collapses to the floor. After finishng 4 of her attackers Lesley decides to torture the last opponent to extract information about where the rest of their gang are (see Lesley Custom – Torture Video 01). Lesley systematically breaks both his wrists, fingers and then both his legs until he finally confesses. She then finishes him with an open hand strike to his throat. The scene finishes with Lesley standing over 5 opponents before walking away from the camera towards the exit.


Scene 2: See Lesley Custom – Opening Scene Video 02. Three hooded / masked opponents are gambling in a room. They’re betting on a dice /coin game. One hooded thug rolls the dice / coin across the floor. In a close-up scene, as the dice roll to stop, Lesley steps her long boot into the camera scene next to the dice / coin. The camera then pans up from her long boots to her face. With a serious uncompromising look, she proclaims “You all lose!” to the thugs.  

The thugs, seeing Lesley posed ready to fight, send the smallest thug to run out of the room and get reinforcements. The remaining thugs now approach Lesley. She turns to one opponent, staring at him intently as she cracks her knuckles in an intimidating way (see Lesley Custom Special Video 01 – Knuckle Cracking) and then raises her right hand beckoning him forward while saying “Come on tough guy, let’s see how bad you really are after I finish with you! As Lesley maintains her intent stare at the thug in front of her the second thug moves behind Lesley. Without breaking her stare and without turning around Lesley catapults her thigh high boot backwards catching the thug behind her, kicking him flush in the face and sending him backwards (see Lesley Custom – Special Video 02 – Leg Break). As Lesley maintains her stare at the first thug in front of her she kicks his shin. The thug appears initially unharmed and goes to strike at Lesley. As he raises his arm his leg suddenly gives way having been broken moments ago by Lesley’s hard kick. Now lying on the floor in pain, Lesley raises her boot, holds it momentarily above the thug’s head before stomping forcefully on his head sending him out. I appreciate that this scene might be a little difficult to shoot but because it only shows from the legs down perhaps there could be a piece of thin wood inside the trouser or a long piece of plastic that bends to create the illusion of the leg breaking. See what you think?

As Lesley looks up, she hears the sound of voices approaching. What I then envisage is based on Lesley Custom – Special Video 03 – One vs Many where Lesley is against a wall with multiple men charging at her as she easily defeats them all with brutal martial arts spinning kicks and punches. I appreciate that there are only three males available, but I thought this scene could be shot as a series of small scenes using the three males to charge at Lesley on multiple occasions giving the appearance of many more men. In that way there could several ‘waves’ of men charging at Lesley. As with the video clip Lesley Custom – Special Video 03 – One vs Many can Lesley have occasional facial expressions of exasperation. I particularly liked how you ‘screw your nose up’ in Lesley Custom – Special Video 03 – Cute Facial Expression.

The scene finishes with Lesly fighting the three male attackers who she has just sent to the ground. Even though they are lying on the ground, Lesley easily lifts them up by either their shirt or their head with ease and starts beat-the-crap out of them. Lesley, you looked very natural with nunchucks last time. If possible, could you consider using nunchucks for 2-3 minutes to destroy them. I am happy to trust you to do this fight scene as best as possible. At the end Lesley demonstrates her nunchucks skills one last time before swinging the lead nunchuck under her arm and performing another Bruce Lee pose (see Pictures 3a/b) over three defeated male attackers. She holds the pose for 15-20 seconds as the camera pans up her body. Lesley them tucks the nunchucks under the front of her black belt (see Lesley - Picture 01a/b – Black & Yellow with Nunchucks) and walks to the corner of the room. Lesly leans backs against the wall, waiting for all her attackers to get up again. After the hooded thugs get up Lesley now proceeds to finish each attacker using the Lesley - K Videos.

The scene finishes with Lesley in the middle of the room with 5 attackers at her feet The camera follows Lesley as she steps over her opponents and exits the room. 

Last Scene: Lesley is still wearing the black belt around her corset with the nunchucks tucked in the front but behind the black belt knot.

Lesley is walking along the road. She is calm and relaxed. 5 hooded thugs approach Lesley with weapons. As they get within a few feet, the lead thug, pointing his weapon at Lesley, says, “What happened to the other men?” Lesley stops applying lipstick and announces, “Your men are indisposed for now. Let me leave on my motorbike and nobody else has to gets hurt!” The head thug is carrying a weapon (e.g. baseball bat, piece of wood etc) and replies “What makes you think you can just leave…. you stupid bitch?” Lesley pauses, puts down her lipstick and mirror. Lesley now stands upright and puts her hands on her hips as she announces “Your friends thought they could fight and now they’re finished. I am a 10th dan black belt in tae kwon do and karate. When you’ve finished staring, you do realise my body is the perfect weapon.” Foolishly the lead thug responds “You know we aren’t going to let leave. There’s three of us with weapons and only one of you. You are not going to be so pretty when we are finished with you”. Lesley smiles and responds, “I was really hoping you would say that. I’m going to enjoy breaking every bone in your undisciplined bodies”

The fight starts with the head thugs moving forward and taking several swings at Lesley with his weapon which she easily ducks, weaves and avoids. After several failed attempts by the thug Lesley responds with a rapid strike to his throat stunning him. Lesley them quickly moves in and delivers a long sequence of rapid-fire punches (see Lesley Custom - Fight Video 03 – Rapid Fire Punches) sending him out. A second attacker grabs Lesley from behind as she quickly responds like in Lesley Custom - Fight Video 04 – Attacked from behind.

The rest of the scene is Lesley fighting and finishing each of her opponents using various moves supplied in the Fight and K Videos. Again, I’ll leave to you to mix up and put together the fight scene using my favourites moves.

The last part of the film finishes with Lesley, having defeated all her opponents, stepping over their bodies. The camera then follows Lesley as she does a sultry / sexy walk. She pulls out her mobile phone and makes a call to her client. “The assignment is complete. Barely a challenge. They won’t be a problem anymore”. She hangs up the phone and places it back in her jacket. 

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Enter The Lady Dragon - Lesley

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