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  • Invulnerable Diana


Diana, wearing the same clothes as in the beginning of INVULNERABLE Diana, gym bag over her shoulder, walks down a quiet back street.

She passes two THUGS, large and muscular, standing together chatting. They whistle and laugh at her when she passes, and quickly move in front of her.

THUG Hey there pretty girl, where are you going?

Diana Oh, hello. I’m just on my way back home from the gym.

THUG 2 Well, why don[U+FFFD] you stay with us for a bit? We could use some company.

Diana Sorry guys, maybe next time. I need to change.

She makes a step forward to leave, but again the thugs move in front of her.

THUG It wasn’t really a question, sweetheart.

THUG 2 You wouldn’t want us to hurt you, right?

Diana just smiles, and doesn’t seem to be intimidated.

Diana Guys, I really need to go. IËm sorry we can’t play today, but I’m busy. Why don’t we reschedule this? You look really strong, but I don’t think you’re strong enough for me.

THUG 1 Why don’t you shut the fuck up!

Diana Look, I know you’re stupid, but I hope you’re not stupid enough to (MORE)


Diana (cont’d) try and hugrt me. It’s only for your benefit, pleae just let me leave.

THUG 1: Stupid? Let me show you stupid...

HE throws a hard punch into her stomach, expecting her to go down. When he takes a step back and looks up, Diana doesn’t seem to be hurt in the slightest way. She smiles because she knows what’s coming.

The thug shrugs off his confusion, steps to her agin and throws 15 seconds of heavy punches into her stomach, all to absolutely no effect. Sella still stands there with her gym bag over her shoulder.

After Thug 1 stops with his hand hurting, THUG 2 steps towards her. Diana smiles and raises her brows, inviting him to try as well.

THUG 2: What the hell...

Now he throws the same punches at her, all to no effect. He to cringes under the pain in his fist, and both don’t seem to be able to continue.

Diana See, I told you. Sorry about your hands-

THUG 1 runs off to grab his baseball bat. She puts one hand on her hip, raisesher brows.

Diana (cont’d) Really, that’s not neccessary-just let me-

WIth the bat, he throws 15 seconds of punches into Dianas stomach. All to the same effect.

Diana I’m really sorry guys, this seems to be a lot of fun with you. But why don’t we pick this up tomorrow? I live right over there-- (she points into a direction) on the first floor, come visit any time you like. Then we have all the time you need.


She sexily waves a them and walks away, the thugs looking after her confused and insulted.


Diana, wearing the same clothes as in "Diana loses her last fight" and sports shoes, is on the floor doing stretching exercises.

The door flies open and the two thugs walk in, looking for her. When they see her on the floor, they seem happy.

THUG: There is the bitch!

THUG 2: Now you’re finished!

Diana seems happy to see them but does continue her stretching exercise.

Diana Hey you two! I already thought you weren’t coming. I’m nearly done with my exercises. Make yourselves at home.

She gets up from the floor, does one last stretch standing and then walks up into the middle of the room. She stands there carefree and relaxed, brows raised and smiling.

Diana (cont’d) So, what is it that you want to do?

The two thugs look at each other, then nod. One guy screams and charges at her, throwing 20 seconds of heavy punches into her stomach, again to absolutely no effect. She only giggles and raises her brows, indicating she finds it funny.

WHen thug 1 is finished, exhausted, panting and resting his arms on his legs, Thug 2 shakes his head in disbelief.

THUG 2: This is impossible!

Diana Do you want to try too? I don’t mind you punching me, I don’t feel it at all. Come on, go ahead!

She puts her arms into her hips invitingly.


THUG 1: What are you waiting for?!

Thug 2 also throws punches at her exposed stomach, not able to hurt her in the slightest. She only nods and smiles encouragingly, indicating she enjoys it. After 20 seconds, he is exhausted as well.

Diana encouragingly pats them on the back , walks over to her kitchen table, and sits down.

Diana Let’s try something else. You guys need a break. If you win, I might actually let you leave...

She puts one hand on the table, challenging them to an armwrestling match. The Thugs look at each other confused, then Thug 1 walks over, sits down and locks hands with her.

Diana Okay, here’s the rules: You just have to put down my arm, however you want. Use both hands, your bodyweight, your friend can help, it doesn’t matter. As long as you put my arm to the ground. Three-two-- one-- go!

THUG 1 starts to push with all his power. To no surprise, Dianas arm doesn’t move an inch and is like concrete. She smiles and raises a brow in disbelief.

Diana OH, you are going to need help, sweetheart. Look-

She lets him move her arm until one inch above the table, and holds it there with no effort.

Diana (cont’d) I can do whatever I want with you..

She moves her arm back to the starting position, with him still trying. He then takes his second arm to help, and pushes his bodyweight into it, to the same effect. Diana puts her head on her second hand, indicating that she’s bored.

Diana Come on, strong friend, help your buddy!


thug 2 comes in standing, and pushes against her arm with both of his hands. their four hands and two bodies can’t do a thing against Dianas one hand.

Diana I didn’t know I was this strong. See-

Again she lets them move her hand until almost on the table, then shakes her head smiling in disbelief.

Diana I still can do wht I want with you.

She smiles, then slowly but surely moves their arms around onto the other side of the table. The guys collapse in disbelief. Diana stands up triumphantly.

Diana (cont’d) That was fun, what do we do next?

Her phone rings on the table.

Diana Oh, sorry-- I have to take this.

She answers the phone and stands in the middle of the room, one hand on her hip, talking to her friend about her day. WOrkout, cooking, strolling through the park etc.

The two guys look at each other and realize they now have a chance. One of them runs into the kitchen, grabs a baseball bat, and starts punching Diana from the front, right into her stomach. To their shock Diana continues the phone conversation completely indifferent and unaffectd. Sometimes, she slightly giggles amused by the guy.

Then, thug 2 grabs a blade from the kitchen and stabs Diana repeatedly in the chest, abs and neck witht he same result. After around 20 seconds, Diana ends the phone conversation.

Diana Okay, you too--bye! So you guys already found some toys, huh? Sorry to disappoint you, they have never worked on me before.

THUG 1 is desperate and trows another couple of punches at Diana.

Diana (cont’d) Come on, you tried this already! Let me make this easier for you-


Diana walks over to her kitchen board and pulls out one bottles with green liquid and a spoon.

Diana Here, this is a strength potion. You will get the strenght of 100 men with 1 spoon of this.

She feeds each Thug with one spoon of liquid. A sound and video effect shows they gain new superhuman strength.

Diana There you go! This is going to be fun.

She invitingly nods down at her abs and puts her hands into her hips, demanding the Thugs to try to punch her again. Thug 1 laughs arrogantly and steps forward, throwing a first, superhuman punch with sound and video effect into Dianas stomach. To their shock, Dianas reaction is still the same.

Diana (cont’d) Mhmm...this feels good. Again!

THUG 1 throws another 3 heavy punches into her, to the same effect. He looks at her confused.

Diana Yes, come on. Go on. I didn’t make you stronger to stop so soon!

THUG 1: This is impossible...I can feel the strengths of 100 men in me, why aren’t you dust?

Diana Well, I guess I’m just invulnerable. Why don’t we find out? Try together! I promise I won’t flex my abs at all.

She puts her hands down and lets her body completely lose, still smiling. The two thugs now take turns throwing superhumanpunches at her, first THug 1 5 punches in the stomach, then thug 2 5 in the stomach, then Thug 1 5 punches in the face, then Thug 2 5 punches in the face. After, both are exhausted and ready to give up.


THUG 2: Let’s give up. We cannot hurt her. We’ve tried everyhting.

Diana Well, let’s try one last thing! Just for fun.

She takes two big bottles of green liquid from the cupboard, and hands them one each.

Diana (cont’d) I don’t know how strong this will make you, but it’s probabl tens of thousands of men. Just drink as much as you can, and we can try again.

Both men desperately grab the bottles and drink as much of the liquid as they can. WHen they raise, the earth trembles from their newfound strength and screams.

THUG1: I can feel it, I am pure power!

THUG 2: We are the strongest beings in the universe!

Diana It’s good that you’re confident. Do you want to try again? I hope I can feel a little more this time.

THUG 1 steps in front of Diana, assuming certain victory. He screams and throws the biggest punch with the strenght of 10 000 men into her relaxed stomach. Diana smiles at him, then giggles.

Diana (cont’d) Oh my god, this felt amazing. Just a tiny pressure where you punched me. Please, do it again.

She still has her arms carelessly by her side, and he now throws a series of punches into her abs. THe punches become faster, and at the end are at superhuman speed. SHe stands there enjoying it. After 20 or 30 seconds, THUG 1 collapses exhausted from the fight. Diana turns her head and smiles at THUG 2.


Diana (cont’d) Now it’s you turn, big boy. Pease don’t disappoint me.

She puts her hands into her hips and nods at her abs, demanding him to try. He throws a 30 seconds series of heavy, earth-shaking punches into her abs, all to the enjoyment of Diana, who’s relaxing like she’s getting a massage. After hat, he puts his hands on his knees out of exhaustion.

Diana Okay, last shot. If this doesn’t work, I think it’s over...

She walk over to the sofa and lies down, her arms folded behind her head, her eyes closed.

Diana (cont’d) See how vulnerable I am? You have the stength of 10 000 men, IËm sure you must be able to do something!

Thug 2 hesitates and walks up to her. THen he stops-- walks back to the green bottle, and drinks a couple more sips from it. More strength runs throug his body. Diana is lying there, arms behind her head, eyes closed, smiling, awaiting his punches.

THUG 2 clasps both hands together over his head in a massive fist, and swings down into her abs. A massive earthquake ensues with rumbles and echoes, the earth is shaking. Diana opens her eyes and smiles at him.

Diana (cont’d) Uuuh, that was awesome. Again!

THUG 2 throws another 8 of these punches into her abs, with Diana looking at him enjoyingly and invitingly, before he collapses in exhaustion.

Diana That was great, thank you. I’m sorry you couldn’t manage to hurt me, I’m sure we’ll find a way next time. You know where to find me.

And with that, she grabs her gym bag, and walks out the door...


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Invulnerable Diana

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