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Custom clip request 

Here is the Script: Lesley Rises. Read it and let me know if you can pull it off. Let me know when you would start filming approximately. It would be awesome if you took pics of you in a fighting stance like you did with the Karina video.

The outfit that you should be wearing should be as follows:

Shoes and Dress from video Lesley is not Ready to Share.

If shoes are not available, the shoes worn in Lesley the nutcracker

On top of the dress the Black and white Tae kwon do top with the black belt

Two Bad Guys. Thug1 and Boss. Dressed casual with ski masks.

You will also need three pills (you will see why)


Lesley Rises


Lesley walks into a warehouse where The Boss is sitting on a chair with his thug at his side.

“Welcome Lesley”, The Boss says. “I have waited a long time for this”

“So you are the one responsible”, Lesley says angry at the man.

“Indeed,” the Boss says. “I took care of all your agents. I destroyed them. Beat them until their spirit was broken. I killed your sister and now I finally end you.”

Lesley is angry and advances putting herself in a fighting stance. The Boss just sends his thug to fight. Thug 1 approaches Lesley and fires a right and a left hand punch only for Lesley to block. She kicks him between the legs. The Thug crumples down on his knees. Lesley confidently crouches in front of him. “You are going to pay for what you did”, she says angrily. She than kicks him in the face half a dozen times without letting her leg down (Like the video Don’t Call me a Bitch). The bad guy falls down. Lesley lifts him up with her leg under his chin. She than round house kicks him down.

“You will pay for that”, Thug 1 says as Lesley lets him stand up. “For you will suffer the same damage you inflict me.”

Lesley shrugs “I doubt it”, she says overconfident. She then proceeds to punch him left and right left and right. She finishes her combo with a direct kick to the chest knocking the wind out of him. The bad guy doesn’t go down, but he is hurt. Lesley fires a kick to the ribs only for the bad guy to catch it. She’s surprised as he fires three punches to her face. She screams in pain as the bad guy connects. Thug 1 then punches her leg twice causing her to scream in pain. He releases her.

Lesley is limping but still has fight in her. The bad guy advances firing a punch. Lesley blocks and counters with a succession of hits to his stomach like a machine gun. The bad guy grunts. Lesley fires punches to his face. Right punch and left punch. Right punch and left punch. Each time she connects the bad guy takes a step back. She finishes him with a kick to the face. The guy crumples down.

Lesley turns toward The Boss who stands up and cracks his fists putting himself in a fighting stance. “It seems I have to get involved now,” The Boss says and he attacks. He is quick and Lesley blocks getting a little worried but the bad guy fails to connect. He fires a kick which Lesley grabs. With his leg in her power she smiles and smashes her fist into his thigh three times. The bad guy screams in pain as his leg is disabled. Lesley releases his leg and starts punching him left and right across the face until his back is against a wall. The bad guy is dizzy but does not go down. Lesley than machine gun punches him in the stomach connecting successive blows. “You will lose,” the Boss manages to say. Lesley is angered by this and fires an uppercut bringing him down to his knees.

Thug 1 has recovered and grabs Lesley by the back pinning her arms. “I got her Boss,” Thug 1 says. “Get her.”

Lesley struggles trying to free herself but she can’t. The Boss recuperates and punches Lesley in the stomach. Lesley screams in pain. She can’t defend herself as the Boss connects left and right left and right left and right across Lesley’s face. Lesley screams in pain as the boss does damage. He finally fires an uppercut bringing Lesley down. Thug 1 releases her and Lesley hits the floor.

“How does it feel to lose a fight?”, The Boss asks.

Lesley shakes the cobwebs feeling dizzy. She pulls out a pair of nun chucks and gets up. She starts doing tricks with it. The Boss and the thug step back. “Put the weapon down,” The Boss says.

“Make me,” Lesley replies back and slaps the boss with the nun chuck across the face. She than smashes the Thug 1 across the face. She is twirling the weapon and attacks again and again raining blows on both the Boss and The Thug. They receive 4 strikes each before they fall down.

“This is for my sister and my friends,” Lesley says.

She doesn’t notice that the Thug and the Boss each have taken a pill. They recover rapidly surprising Lesley. She strikes them both with the nun chucks but both are unphased. Thug 1fires a kick to Lesley’s mid section making her scream in pain. The Boss uppercuts her with Thug firing a kick to her face. Lesley drops her nun chucks and steps back.

The Boss picks up the nun chucks and Lesley looks at him with fear. “Told you to stop using these.” The Boss smashes Lesley with the Nun Chucks in the face. Lesley screams in pain as she is hit half a dozen times finally bringing her down. The room doesn’t stop spinning. She gets up but she is dazed and stumbling in her heels.

Thug 1 approaches her but she can’t do anything. Thug 1 removes her black belt opening up her Tae kwon do top and revealing her black dress. “How are you a black belt?” Thug 1 says as he wraps the black belt around Lesleys throat chocking her. Lesley is scared now as The Boss starts machine gun punching her stomach with left and right punches. Lesley just grunts in pain. The Boss than starts hitting her face. Lesley can’t defend herself. Thug 1 releases the belt and spins Lesley only to connect with a round house kick across the face. Lesley falls down being beaten.

The BOSS just laughs. “Had enough?”

Lesley gets to her knees only for The Boss to kick her in the face half a dozen times like she kicked Thug 1 earlier. After the six kick on the face, Lesley falls on her hands and knees. She looks up at her opponents. Thug 1 than put his foot under Lesley’s chin and lifts her up than pins her against a wall chocking her with his foot on her throat. He than kicks her in the face. Lesley does not go down. Lesley fires a punch but the BOSS catches and starts crushing Lesley’s fist. Lesley screams as her hand is being crushed. She tries to escape but the BOSS brings Lesley to her knees. The BOSS releases the heroine’s hand and spins kick her in the face.

Thug 1 grabs Lesley by the hair and stands her up. “How are you doing this?” she asks weakly visibly defeated. The Boss punches her stomach than her face than stomach then face again. Lesley screams as she is being destroyed. The Boss pulls up a third pill and shows it to her. “This,” The Boss. “This pill has given me the power to destroy you and all your spy girls.”

Thug 1 releases her. Lesley is dazed. The Boss punches her across the face sending her toward the Thug. Thug 1punches her in the stomach than punches her in the face sending her back to the Boss. The Boss roundhouse kicks her bac to the Thug who receives her with a kick to the face and an uppercut. He punches her sending her back to the Boss.

Lesley manages to put herself on a fight stance but she feels weak. She is wobbly on her heels and dizzy, but she wants to keep on fighting. Lesley fires a left and right punch to the Boss. Her attacks are slow and weak. They are easily blocked by the BOSS. She tries to punch his chest and stomach but she misses her target badly. “Is this your best?”, he says. He blocks the next attack and delivers a devastating ear clap attack over both of Lesley’s ears. She screams in pains and is instantly stunned. He delivers an uppercut that leaves her more dazed. He then fires 8 rapid fire punches to her face. Lesley just grunts as her face takes the punishment. He then fires punches left and right punch to the stomach like a machine gun. But Lesley remains up. The final punch is an uppercut. Lesley starts to fall but the Boss catches her. He lifts her up across his arms. “I told you I would break you,” The boss says. He brings Lesley down across his knee breaking her back. Lesley screams in pain as her back is broken completely destroyed. The boss drops Lesley on the ground. She is in agony. One leg extended with the other bended upward with her knee up. As The Boss stands up, the last pill drops to the floor next to Lesley.

Lesley grabs it and eats it wincing in pain as she does so.

The BOSS walks away and turns his back on his defeated opponent with his thug.  “Lesley has been taken care of.”, the BOSS says. “The world is ours.”

The BOSS does not realize that Lesley has gotten up behind him. He turns around and sees Lesley. She is removing her Tae Kwan do top and stretches feeling strong because of the pill. “The field is even now,” she says. She than kicks both of the right between the legs. The men scream in pain as they fall to their knees. “You have a weakness.” Lesley says and kicks both of them on the face. Thug 1 stands up and tried to attack but Lesley blocks and counters with machine gun punches to the chest and stomach. Thug 1 crumples to his knees unable to breath. Lesley wraps her leg around Thug1 neck and grabs her heel strangling him. She than breaks his neck. Thug 1 falls down.

The BOSS enraged attacks punching Lesley in the face.  Lesley screams as she is stunned. The boss punches her with all his might on the face. Left and Right Punch. Left and right punch. Left and right punch. Lesley staggers taking steps back as he continues to punish her. “You will not win!”, the boss says angrily. After the 10th punch, he kicks her across the face with a roundhouse kick. Lesley staggers not knowing where she is. The room is spinning.  he punches with an uppercut. Which brings our heroine down flat on her back. One leg is extended while her knee is bent pointing to the sky. “Stay down!” The Boss says.

Lesley gets up weakly. “Never!” She fires a punch to his stomach than an uppercut to the face. The bad guy tries to counter but Lesley is quicker. She’s fast and her punches are stronger than ever. She kicks his legs cutting him down to size bringing him to his knees. Lesley is relentless. She punches and kicks the BOSS not allowing him to go down. She is destroying him with every kick and every punch.

“Please!”, he begs. “No more. I give up”

“No Mercy”, Lesley says before kicking him down with a roundhouse kick. She steps on the BOSS throat and start choking him with her stiletto. The BOSS tires to punch her leg away but he’s too weak. “Now you die,” she says putting his head between her legs and snapping’s his neck.

Lesley walks away leaving the bad guy's bodies.

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Lesley rises

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