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  • Lesley drains the superpowers from Supergirl

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In this movie, Lesley plays a sexy villainess who steals Supergirls powers .

Lesley has made a machine (draining device) that transfers all of Supergirls 

powers into her.  

After the transfer, Supergirl is weak and totally powerless while Lesley has transformed into a sexy invincible superheroine.

Supergirl tries to stop the villainess but without her powers she doesn’t stand a chance…


- LESLEY as the villainess/evil superheroine Lesley

- SASHA as Supergirl 

- Goons/guards with masks (can reuse them)


PART 1 (OUTSIDE - SASHA and 2 goons) 

We see Supergirl flying through the sky, one arm stretched (= special effect)  

Supergirl looks down

Supergirl lands on the roof of a building

Supergirl looks around and says: l believe this is the place

Suddenly 2 goons/guards appear with gиns

The goons ask what Supergirl is doing here

Supergirl smiles/laughs and says she has no time for games

The goons warn Supergirl to go away and point their gиns at her

Supergirl laughs and crosses her arms

The goons fire at her 

We see all the bullets bounce off (= special effect)

We hear metal sounds

Supergirl laughs, she really enjoys it

Supergirl puts her hands on her waist

We still see all the bullets bounce off (= special effect)

We hear metal sounds

We see Supergirls belly and some bullets bounce off in slow motion (= special effect)

After some time the goons run out of bullets

The goons look surprised at Supergirl and their gиns, the goons can’t believe this

The goons run away

Supergirl still has her hands on her waist 

Supergirl rubs her belly and laughs

Supergirl says: Forget I’m made of steel?

Supergirl walks away and enters the building

PART 2 (INSIDE - SASHA and a goon) 

We see Supergirl walking in the building

Supergirl looks around, it looks like she’s looking for something

We see a goon with a wooden bat, he wants to stop her

Supergirl laughs

Supergirl asks what’s he going to do with that little toy

The goon hits her several times with the bat but with no result

Every time he hits we hear a hard smacking sound but Supergirl doesn’t move a muscle (= special effect)

Supergirl laughs, she enjoys it

We see Supergirl from the front and sometimes from behind   

After some time,, the goon is exhausted and throws the bat away

Supergirl laughs and puts her hands behind her head

Supergirl says: C’mon, I let you have another try

The goon hits her several times very hard in the belly, we hear a hard metal sound (= special effect)

After every hit, Supergirl laughs at the guard

After every hit, the guard looks painful at his hand/arm

We see Supergirl from the front and sometimes from behind   

After some time, the guard is exhausted and stops hitting

Supergirl does a throatlift, she has a mean smile

We see the goon his feet tingle in the air (= special effect)

Supergirl breaks the goon his neck, we hear a hard cracking sound (= special effect)

Supergirl does a victory pose, one foot/boot on the body

Supergirl flexes her biceps and looks at her biceps

Supergirl smiles and says too easy

PART 3 (INSIDE - SASHA and a goon) 

We still see Supergirl walking in the building

We see a goon with a knife, he wants to stop her

Supergirl laughs

Supergirl says don’t blow this out of proportion 

The goon walks towards her and wants to stab her

Supergirl does a super breath and blows/pins the goon against the wall (= special effect)

The goon wants to move but he can’t move because of the strong super breath wind

After some time Supergirl stops blowing

The goon is out of breath, coughs 

Supergirl crosses her arms and smiles

Supergirl asks if the goon had enough

The goon want to use his knife

Supergirl does a heat vision, aims at the knife (= special effect)

The goon drops the knife, he’s in pain 

Supergirl walks to the goon, flirts with him

Supergirl uses her super strength and knocks/hits him  through the wall (= special effect)

We see a giant hole in the wall (= special effect)

Supergirl laughs

Supergirl says: men, they don’t make them like they used to

Supergirl walks away


Supergirl enters a room (lab room) where the draining device stands

For the draining device…

2 platforms (2 large mats) with a table between them

Wires connect both platforms to the table

On the table a computer or laptop

Supergirl looks at the draining device and the laptop to which it is connected 

Supergirl wants to check the laptop

Lesley says stop

Supergirl looks up and sees Lesley

We see Lesley (rising camera shot from feet till head) 

Focus on her legs, behind, face, head (we’re dealing with a sexy villainess)

Supergirl is not impressed

Supergirl says I’m here to pull the plug

Lesley says Supergirl won’t do that

Supergirl says watch me

Supergirl tries to access the laptop

Lesley has a small remote behind her back and activates it

Supergirl is surrounded with lightning (from the laptop) and can’t move (= special effect)

Supergirl looks scared, she tries to move but she can’t

Lesley laughs and gives Supergirl a little push so she stands on the first platform 

Lesley blows her a kiss and says save you strength…I’m gonna need it

Lesley walks to the second platform

Lesley quickly activates the laptop and quickly takes her place on the second platform

Lightning comes out of Supergirl and goes into Lesley (= special effect)

Lesley laughs, she enjoys it 

Supergirl is in pain, she doesn’t like it one bit

The lightning stops

We see Supergirl, she looks very dizzy

We see Lesley, she looks serious at Supergirl and herself, she doesn’t know the machine worked

Lesley looks at the ground and picks up a metal bar

Lesley smiles and wants to bend it

Lesley has no troubling bending the metal bar, she has a big smile (= special effect)

While Lesley bends the bar, she hear a hard metal cracking sound (= special effect)

Supergirl sees it and looks very scared

Supergirl says my goodness 

Lesley has bend the bar and looks at Supergirl 

Lesley laughs

Lesley says I feel super

PART 5 (INSIDE - Sasha and Lesley) 

Lesley throws the bar away

Supergirl looks very mad and walks to Lesley

Supergirl hits Lesley very hard in the stomach, we hear a very hard smacking sound

Lesley doesn’t move a muscle, she’s made of steel now (= special effect)

Supergirl yells awwww

Lesley laughs

Supergirl hits Lesley several times in the face/stomach with balled fist

Lesley feels noting, she laughs every time Supergirl hits her 

Lesley doesn’t move a muscle, she enjoys it

Camera focusses on Lesley’s amused face and smile when Supergirl is hitting

Every time Supergirl hits Lesley we hear a hard smacking sound (= special effect)

Every time Supergirl hits Lesley she looks painful 

Supergirl stops hitting, she’s exhausted

Lesley smiles and with a mean smile she lifts Supergirl with two hands (= special effect)

Supergirls boots are hanging, tingling  in the air 

Lesley says: I’m an empowered woman

Lesley has a big smile, she still holds Supergirl and lifts her a few times up and down Lesley says: well, let’s see just how strong I am 

PART 6 (INSIDE - SASHA and LESLEY and 1 goon) 

A goon enters the room

Lesley looks at him and drops Supergirl 

Lesley pus her hands on her waist and smiles

Lesley asks: and what do you want little man?

The goon fires his rifle

We see several bullets bounce off Lesley (= special effect)

Lesley laughs, she enjoys it

Supergirl looks scared, she can’t believe this 

The goon aims at Lesley’s face and fires

Lesley catches the bullet with her mouth and chews on it (we hear a hard chewing sound) (= special effect)

The goon looks scared

Lesley spits the bullet out and smiles, we see the bullet falling on the ground

Lesley says tasty

PART 7 (INSIDE - SASHA and LESLEY and 1 goon) 

The goon grabs a poison gas grenade and throws it

We see the grenade rolling towards Lesley’s feet

The goon runs away

We see a cloud of poison gas escaping

Supergirl is coughing, she can’t withstand the gas

Lesley looks at Supergirl and smiles

Lesley says I got this honey

Lesley does a super suction and inhales all the poison gas (= special effect)

We see all the gas/the cloud going/disappearing into Lesley’s mouth

Supergirl looks surprised

Supergirl can’t believe it

Lesley inhales the gas and we hear a hard swallowing sound (= special effect)

Lesley smiles


Lesley looks at herself (no attention to Supergirl)

Lesley looks at herself and says: I need some new clothes

Lesley spins around (super speed) (= special effect)  

Lesley changes clothes while spinning (= special effect)  

Lesley stops spinning

Lesley wears the Catsuit

Lesley has long straight hair

Lesley feels her biceps, flaunts her perfect body and legs 

Camera rising shot from feet till head

Supergirl can’t believe this and flees

Lesley sees her fleeing and smiles


We see Supergirl fleeing, she’s on the roof 

Supergirl looks scared, she doesn’t know where to go

We hear some blurs (super speed) sounds (= special effect)  

Supergirl looks up, suddenly Lesley stands in front of her

Lesley laughs and asks where are you going

Supergirl runs

Lesley laughs and uses her super speed to catch up and block her way 

Lesley uses her super speed and appears before Supergirl (= special effect)  

Supergir looks scared, takes a few passes back and runs again 

Lesley laughs and uses her super speed again to catch up and block her way Lesley uses her super speed and appears before Supergirl (= special effect)  

Supergirl is scared

Lesley flirts with Supergirl and tries to calm her down

Lesley lifts Supergirl and does a bearhug, we hear crushing sounds (= special effect)  

Lesley says: Can you feel the love

Lesley laughs while Supergirl suffers

Lesley drops Supergirl on the floor

Supergirl sits on her knees and coughs

Lesley flaunts her legs

Lesley says: Let’s see what these legs can do

Lesley uses several times repetitive back & forth wiper kicks to the face

Her legs and kicks go faster and faster while she kicks

Super speed kicking (= special effect)  

Supergirl stand up, she’s very dizzy

Supergirl gets pinned to a wall by Lesley her sexy boot 

Lesley even lifts Supergirl with her stretched leg and almost chokes her with her boot 

Lesley drops Supergirl on the floor

Supergirl stands up and coughs

Lesley does a throatlift

Supergirl looks very scared

Lesley smiles and says express shuttle now leaving earth

Lesley throws Supergirl into the air/space with her super strenght

(= special effect)  

Lesley rubs her hands

Lesley smiles and says good riddance


Lesley stands alone on the roof and looks at herself

Lesley says: ok, how does she do this???

Lesley concentrates and tries

Lesley ‘levitates’ a few times up and down (= special effect)  

Lesley smiles, she knows how to fly now

Lesley says: this is gonna be so cool

Lesley flies/blurs away (= special effect)  

We see Lesley flying in the sky with one arm stretched (= special effect)  

PART 11 (OUTSIDE - LESLEY and 1 goon)

We hear the sound of a vehicle (truck) in the distance

Lesley looks in the direction of the sound

We see a truck driving away, one of the goons tries to flee

We see the goon inside the truck, he’s very scared and looks behind him 

We see Lesley 

She laughs out loud

Lesley says: You have a huge start…then again I’m a god

Lesley uses her super speed to catch up (= special effect)    

The truck is driving 

We see the road and Lesley appears before the truck

Lesley laughs

We see the truck approaching

The goon in the truck sees Lesley and tries to hit the brakes

The truck crashes against Lesley and we see smoke (= special effect)    

The trucks tumbles and is totally destroyed

Lesley still stands, she’s unharmed and laughs

Lesley walks away laughing

(just like the last part from ‘Stone Lora accepts the challenge’)


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Lesley drains the superpowers from Supergirl

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