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  • Don't call me a bitch

Custom clip request 

Lead role


Male opponents

Two hooded males


Black & white tae kwon do top

Black belt

Black shorts

Long black leather above elbow gloves (hopefully the ones from “Don’t Touch Casey” Picture 01a & 01b)

Black thigh high boots

Hair & Make Up

Hair: Half up ponytail (see Picture 02a & 02b)

Make up: lip stick, eye shadow etc please

Earrings: hoop earrings if possible, please (see Picture 03)

Lesley’s Attitude

Ruthless, dominant and confident. Enjoys breaking bones and punishing her opponents.

Scene 01

Two hooded males enter a room discussing their successful extortion of the local residents and how they have just beaten up innocent people. After about approximately thirty seconds they realise they are not alone. Standing silently in the middle of the room is Lesley (See Opening Scene 01a Video). Lesley stands motionless with her arms folded across her chest and head slightly bowed with her hair falling forward to slightly obscure her face. The two men confidently approach her, one walks behind her and the other stays in front. The male opponent behind Lesley starts threatening her that he will “enjoy having her”. The man behind Lesley then runs his hand across her right shoulder as the man in front of Lesley starts laughing at her. At this point Lesley looks up with a menacing stare at the man in front and without turning around launches her right elbow back into his stomach before launching a back hand suddenly upwards into his face and sending him flying backwards. Shocked by what he has just seen, the man in front of Lesley call out “You fucking bitch” and throws a punch at Lesley’s face. Lesley easily catches the punch mid-flight before twisting his arm around and breaks his arm. As the man drops to his knees, she picks him up one handed by the throat. Holding him aloft she drives several open palm strikes to his face, jarring his head backwards, eventually кnocкing him to the ground.

With the same man that Lesley has just кnocкed down is rolling on the ground in pain, Lesley bends down and with two hands pulls him up with super-human strength. Holding him upright Lesley says “Is that how you really speak to a lady? I hate being called a bitch!”. With that Lesley easily throws the male opponent against an adjacent wall (See Opening Scene 01b Video). As the man tries to gather his composure leaning against the wall, Lesley moves closer. Firstly, Lesley fires of machine punches into the man’s abdomen subduing him further before using her left hand to grab him by the throat while using her right hand to deliver a series of brutal punches to his face. Still dazed by Lesley’s attack the man is then grabbed by Lesley and thrown against the opposite wall where again she grabs him by the throat with her left hand again and delivers several more brutal punches to his head. The last few punches and when she finally releases him the camera shot is filming from the side so we can see the man fall forward to the ground at Lesley’s feet.

The rest of the scene is Lesley beating the two men incorporating the moves in the attached Fight Move 1 to 7 videos. I like to see Lesley duck / avoid and block male punches and kicks before she counterattacks. At the end of the scene Lesley кnocкs out her opponents without finishing them. As the two men lay on the floor on the floor Lesley says “I’m not finished with you yet” as she walks over the bodies away from the camera.

Can I please request that you particularly recreate your own Black Belt Lesley - Fight 01 - Boot Throat Pin from the first custom you did for me a few years ago? The intensity and camera angles of this scene are fantastic. If you are able to shoot the other fight scenes from more than one angle that would be really add to the film as well. 

Scene 02

Scene 2 starts with the men starting to waken. As they shake their heads and slowly stand up, they look over to realise that Lesley is still in the room. She is at the side of the room sitting on a desk / table very still in a meditation position with her eyes closed (See Opening Scene 02 Video). Seeking revenge for their beating by Lesley the men walk towards her grabbing weapons on the way (ideally nunchucks but if not then something like a knife or wooden plank, baseball bat or something similar). Foolishly overconfident they start ‘trash talking’ towards Lesley, “Well if it isn’t Black Belt Barbie. We are going to fuck you over this time. Nowhere to hide. You won’t be so pretty once we are finished with you this time”. Lesley remains unmoved and eyes closed. The first man swings his weapon at Lesley’s head. She her head duck’s effortlessly below it. With her eyes still closed the same man, standing in front of her, swings his weapon at Lesley. She stretches out her left gloved hand to grab it mid-flight. As his struggles to pull the weapon away from Lesley’s left hand she uses her right hand to strike the male opponent in the throat. As he struggles to breathe, the man drops his weapon to the floor. Lesley, now with her eyes open uses her left hand to hold him by the neck as she fires off several rapid punches to the face. As the male falls backwards, Lesley slowly uncrosses her legs and slowly gets off the table, picks up the nunchucks (if available) and tucks them in the behind the front of her black belt (see Picture 04) before assuming a karate fighting stance with her hands ready to fight.

The rest of the scene is Lesley beating the two men incorporating the moves in the attached Fight Move 1 to 7 videos.  Again, I would like to see Lesley duck / avoid and block male punches and kicks before she counter attacks. 

The scene finishes with Lesley finishing both male opponents using Final 1 & 2 videos please. 

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Don't call me a bitch

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