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  • Lesley was hired to eliminate Fat Joe

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Lesley is on the hunt for a guy called Fat Joe. She will wear a full black mini skirt with high heel mules red nails. Fat Joe will wear black dress pants socks black and black t shirt. Fat Joe sits in a room he thinks he just called a call girl but it's a assassin. Has his phone in had then hears a knock on the door. He walks to the door. The camera is behind Lesley outside the door. Camera veiws of her body, legs and heels though out the entire video. She take off both of her heels and holds then as weapons. He opens the door and Lesley uses the heels and go for his throat. He reacts to the pain soon after she follows it with a push kick to knock him in the room. He shakes off the pain and charges her. She kicks him in the face hard a few times. He falls to his knees. Heels in hand she brings her arms together and smashes his skull. He falls on him back in pain you crazy girl I'll kick your ass he says. Lesley walks to a seat an put in the mules. She walks between his legs. He says wait what are you doing she kicks him in the balls in the middle of his words. He groans in pain. She walks near his head and kicks his face and knocks him. From this point you can add what you want until the next point when he falls she walks between his legs slowly stomps his balls until he his is finished for 6 mins. Then she takes off her heels and places her foot on his groin with a arch for about 2 mins Add lots of kicks, Punch's and ballbusting as you like with close up camera of contact to the body. The video can be 15 mins long. I will send pic of guy to use no skinny guy only guy with a beer belly.

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Lesley was hired to eliminate Fat Joe

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