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  • Goddess Sasha destroys the world

Custom clip request 

I thought the Clip begins Sasha comes in We se first he very high heels and than the dress and then her evil smile.

Then POV View she come near and lift me of the ground with one hand in the air then some humiliation of weakness of the poor humans.

Then she tell I even have to touch you to crush you she bring me down and I walk a step back then she only rise a finger and I liftet of the ground by a force what Nobody can see. She tell that she only lift me with her mind and now she crush me with that she bring slowly 2 finger together and crush me than (bone crushing and so stuff maybe scream of man, and Sasha enjoy it with evil laugh).

Then it goes black.

Then she come in another door and see another guy she only laugh and that powerful voice bring that guy to explode and burst. She tell she want she how much power she really has. She go to a window and see the big city of the left side maybe 2 million people live there then se smile evil like and say I gona crush all of them with only my mind power she rise her hand and the whole city cars buildings all humans get of the ground everything rise to a high of 2 mile high. Then she laugh evil like and bring her 2 hand together and crush everything in the sky to a immense small ball of metall and rock of the size of a house and laugh evil like. A lot of screams of people would be to her metall what bending and crush and building who collapse.

Then of the right side of the window is a rockfestival to see 100 000 people are there you smile and laugh oh yes I gonna test my Laser beams and then her eye only light red a bit no beam just her eyes glowing and all 100 000 people just vaporized not even dust is left all is gone.

Screen goes black.

Then she comes in a house and broke through the door that guy look to her now POV of the men.

She walk slowly to him put one finger under his chin and lift him.

She tell him That she is the ultimate goddess of this world and has some fun at the last days.

She then tell and laugh often by telling him

That she fly to New York and landing of the highest building and see all that million people she had a naughty idea she scream so hard and powerful IM YOUR GODDESS! And that voice unleashed a shockwave that the whole city got burst and everything explode people cars Building's... Everthing is destroy and She laugh evil.

Then she tell she she fly over the ocean she saw a big ship she fly near to it. She laugh and just blow hard in front of it and the big ship Queen Mary 2 got shoot and the sky the whole ship just it was a small dust Korn and disappeared. But there is another huge ship she tell. A big aircraft carrier she fly to it and only snip with her finger on that hull and the ship shoot in the sky like it was weight less and se laugh evil like that she is so powerful.

Then she tell it is one big power show left she grab him tight and fly with him to the Mond, and then she laugh and scream I destroy your planet now with even touching that my mind power crush this planet.

Maybe both stand of grey rock or so the black universe is to she and the earth then she rise both hand and bring then together and the Planet gone crush slowly getting smaller and smaller and explode and dissappear she laugh and grab then his head POV and crush it.

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Goddess Sasha destroys the world

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