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  • Bionic Lesley chases the criminal

Custom clip request 

Bionic Lesley chases a criminal through a building. 15 minutes

She wears the exact same outfit in Bionic Lesley. Same shorts. Not the ones in Lesley vs Grandmaster. Same makeup and lipstick. See attachments. Man wears casual outfit and mask.

Lots of leg, butt, and face shots throughout the clip.

Man runs through the building, some walking stealthy. Peeking around corners before proceeding. Lesley walks casually. This is from the man’s perspective so the camera mostly follows him. Lesley is seen walking around. Some shots are just of her legs walking.

At first she just taunts him with her appearance by showing up nearby. Just standing or sitting and posing her legs. Same poses as previous Bionic customs, and other ones that you can think of. Man looks startled chooses another direction to run. 

-Sometimes he doesn't know she's there. He slowly walks or crawls past and she's visible in the background. Or she's in the foreground and he's in the background.

-POV moments where he sees her and turns to run away. Sometimes she looks at the camera, and other times she is looking somewhere else. 

He's crawling on his stomach. Side view close up of his face. Camera moves with him. Lesley is sitting with her feet like cap attachment. Her shoes come into view. Man doesn't see her shoes until they are in camera view. His face and her shoe in same frame. Shocked look on his face.

-Could you include one scene which is just like attachment enc1. and pics. The pics have been labelled in order. I couldn't get the whole scene in one go. Lesley is hiding behind the open doorway. She still wears her shoes. As man approaches the door her extents her leg until the knee is locked, holding it for a second, and then brings it down again and rubs the door frame. Then she shows her face and man runs for it.

Next she comes out of random spots and kicks him. I'd like a mix of POV shots where she kicks at the camera. And shots of her leg doing the kick. Man stumbles away and keeps running each time. At first its just kicking. Later its punching and kicking, but mostly kicking. He doesn't defend himself at all. He just takes it and keeps running. Every time he sees her she hits him more and more times. Please include some slow motion, especially the kicks.

The final encounter is the same as Lesley vs Grandmaster. Sitting in room with legs crossed. He tries to fight her. Roughly 3 minutes. Could you do the same shot where we see her legs and he runs towards her in slow motion. She kicks him while sitting there. She points her leg at him for 1 or 2 seconds and lowers it again. He acts like he's being hit. This is repeated for 3 minutes. The cl attachments are my favorite camera angles for this scene. I'd still like to see the separate camera shots of her leg kicking and his reaction. But if not then these angles are good too. Could you show cl4 more to the side so her leg and heel are visible.

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Bionic Lesley chases the criminal

  • Brand: LESLEY FOX
  • Product Length: 15 minutes
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