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  • Ruthless Sasha shows the world 'Female Supremacy'

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Location The gym with the big yellow ring

Outfits: Sasha: For me there are a few opportunities. Anyway she has to be barefooted and looking very gorgeous. Like a she's ready to go out, but at the same time sporty and with a ruthless attitude! I'm thinking about the following outfits. 1) The one wears she wears at the picture 'Sasha1' (because pink is a 'female color') 2) The oufit she wears at the picture 'Sasha2', but maybe with something leather in it, like 3) The outfit she wears in 'Sasha4' + 'Sasha4b' (but I have doubts if this is sporty enough)

The guy (the same as in the original script with Stella, if I'm right his name is Rob?) is also barefooted, wearing a sporty short and has a sporty sleeveless shirt ór without a shirt (important is that you have to see his 'muscles').

If Sasha wears her pink outfit, maybe it's a nice idea that the guy wears something dark blue (at least the sporty short)

Both athletes will NOT wear things like gloves or masks!

Some general info before:

For a long time I'm looking for thé perfect custom video that will meet all my wishes. I really like movies with attractive girls who are physically destroying and outmuscling guys. Generally it will be a extremely, realistic looking, one-sided fight between Sasha and a muscled looking guy (preferably Rob). Sasha has to be absolutely cruel and ruthless, destroying him completely. It has to look like a real fight (so that it has to look like that the guy is trying to win/fight back. He's not passive, but at everything he tries Sasha has a way better answer), but in fact the poor guy doesn't stand a chance and is totally outclassed, demolished and humiliated (physically ánd verbally) by a ruthless Sasha, who's just toying with him. Her attitude has to be a combination of a 'sweet girl next door' and 'a very mean badass chick' and she's taunting him a lot. During the video she flexes her muscles sometimes.


The video starts in the big yellow ring in the gym. It's the moment where we've all been waiting for! Finally the world gets thé answer to the most pressing question you can imagine. Namely, which gender really is the strongest! Male or female? Traditionally men think they are physically superior, but in times of emancipation the women of 2019 simply not accept this any more. They feel that 'male supremacy' is just a myth and are wanting to prove once and for all how proportions have been changed shockingly!

As a result of this, men and women each have deputing/sending their strongest and most complete member to compete. The concept is simple; Last gender standing is the winner! All legal fighting skills are permitted, including wrestling, fighting, judo, jiujitsu, boxing, karate, etc. Because perseverance and pain resistance also is a 'strength' the match can only be ended with a KO, no tapouts allowed!

This leads to a matchup between two very cocky and motivated warriors, Sasha vs Rob! You may use some words between the two (both behaving very cocky) before the match starts, but this is just to make clear what's at stake (gender supremacy) and may last no longer than one or two minutes. So the video starts with this (very short) conversation or, if the text about the video is clear enough, directly with the fight! I want to see as much as possible action in the 20 minutes this video lasts. There will be some talking from Sasha to humiliate the guy verbally also and there will be some loudly suffering from the guy, who's in the course of the match screaming for mercy, in the end almost crying. But all this is during the action, there will be no breaks, just (completely one-sided) continuous action!

Then the match. As I said, the guy isn't passive (so it has to look like a realistic looking match, but completely one-sided) He wants to represend his gender at a great way and is determined to show the world that man are still the stronger gender. But, he soon finds out, that he's completely wrong! How hard he tries, he never has any chance of even bringing Sasha in the slightest of trouble. She is much more skilled, quicker and many times stronger than him (the power difference has to be extremely huge in her favor!). She avoids, blocks or counters all his weak attempts easily and dominates the match completely from start to finish. In the beginning he thinks this can't be true, but as the match progresses he's getting more and more desperate, losing all his confidence and screams for mercy. But Sasha knows the rules (no tapouts allowed) and also wants to have fun longer, so many times when she almost KO'ed him she lets him go, just to humiliate him more. She's just toying with him, choking, pushing, beeching, kicking, hitting, hammering, swinging and even lifting the powerless guy through the whole ring like he's a weightless ragdoll. She never stops the slaughter, never giving her victim any chance of recovering (not a single second!), he never gets any moments of rest. She has to be cruel and ruthless, giving him a terrible beatdown. As I said there may've been some blood as well. During the punishment she's bullying him also verbally saying things about 'male weakness' and 'Girls superiority'. After 20 minutes she's done with him and ends the match in spectacular style with a absolutely crushing, impressive and shocking KO, leaving a totally demolished, bruised, broken and unconscious male body! (The way she KO's him is up to you, but it has to be in a extreme, impressive and spectacular way. If possible with a combination of fighting skills). After this she victory posed at his heavily affected, destroyed body, showing the world her muscles and bringing the news about Girls who now are definitive the stronger gender (the posing can be in the ring, but if the guy is flying out of the ring by the KO, the victory posing is at the place where the guy's body has been landed).

I want to see as much as possible different legal fighting action. The exact sequence is up to you. But at least I want to see the following

- It's a continuous beatdown. With also lots of scenes where Sasha punching him repeatedly several times (so I mean that she hits him 20 or more times while he's for example stuck in a corner or is spread to the floor) and when he's down to the floor she picks him up to demolish him more.

- Huge uppercuts. As extreme and rough as possible! (Hard and repeatedly) punches and uppercuts to his head and body. Even 'jumping uppercuts'!

- Repeated hits when she is on top of him when he lays on the floor.

- Repeated hits when he is stuck in a corner.

- At one time she even throws, punches or swing him out of the ring (or roughly against the ropes), following him by picking his dizzy body up to slam his body repeatedly against a wall or post (like for example Eriny is doing in the video 'Eriny is a neckcracker II at 11.53). (If she's swunging him out of the ring) she drags him back into the ring and once again she continues the total beatdown in the ring.

- Judo throws and strong and painful judo holds.

- Choking (like in wrestling), if possible in combination with knees and/or fists to his belly.

- More wrestling action, like over-the-knee backbreaker, things with throwing, choking and lifting and similar wrestling moves. As humiliating as possible!

- Swinging him through the ring like Lilian did in the video 'Lilian vs Sensei and his student at 5.37 – 5.40), this was very nice! But let her use this move this time please more than once! Maybe also some variations like this. (For example by catching him when he flies back from the ropes)

- Body squeezing (totally crushing his ribs)

- Armtwist/armholds (Like that she is blocking his attack and then strongly stretches his arms. Also with combination where she hurts other parts of his body simultaneously. If possible also armstretching etc where she is holding his arms on his back and then lifting him in the air and throw him to the floor.

- If possible, nearing the end of the video, just to humilate him more, a short scene where she is throat/chinlifting him like Sasha did in het the video 'Sasha demonstrates her strength' (picture Sasha3)

- Slamming his body to a wall/post repeatedly

- Maybe you can add one or two where she is beeching or hitting him so hard that you can see him fly through the air, landing a few meters further in the ring.

- Kicking

- Other legal fighting skills I didn't mention (as long as she's sending the guy from pillar to post in a very cruel way)

- At some moments you may use slowmotion to give the action extra impact. But of course not with all the action. Just one or two short slomo's are enough!

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Ruthless Sasha shows the world 'Female Supremacy'

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