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Custom clip request 

Stella wears a GI top and black belt just like the picture I sent you. She wears the same or similar shorts in Bionic Stella, and the black mules. Her hair is tied at the back and shes wearing similar makeup to the smile attachments. Lipstick is similar as well. Not red please.

Man wears a karate gi and shoes. I like the man in the bionic customs.

At the beginning the Master is very strong and energetic. He gets more and more worn down as the fight progresses. Closeups his face getting more and more worried. His sounds of pain get worse and louder. Stella starts very casual and relaxed. She gives him time to recover after when he falls down. Towards the end she doesn't give him any time recover. She keeps beating him up even if he's worn down and can't fight anymore. She does 1/3 punching and 2/3 kicking throughout the clip. Can you show him getting bruises on his face?

Stella talks to him with respect during the whole clip. She says things like:

You are well known around the world. Many people have spoken about how good you are. It is an honor to fight you. It is said that you are always training. That you are always working on perfecting your skill. It is inspiring to hear of someone with that kind of commitment. I wish to fight you because I believe you are a worthy opponent. I have been training all my life and I have surpassed everyone I've met who study martial arts. 

She says things like this at different points. You can add more to it.

It can start with her entering the room requesting to spa with him. She introduces herself. They shake hands. She says that she had travelled across the country to meet him. She heard that he’s the best

He says Sure. I would love to.

Part 1

-Man: Ok. We'll start with a warm up. I'll attack, and you defend

-Stella: Ok.

Man attacks her. She blocks and dodges everything with ease and with perfect form.

-Man: Ok. Now you attack

Stella attacks him. He blocks everything but looks like he's struggling a little bit. At the end of her sequence she lands a hit. Man looks at her surprised that she hit him. Closeup of Stella face smiling.

Man: Ok.Ok. Very good. Lets go

They face each other. Separate shots of them bowing to the camera. attachment- fight begins

They start off evenly matched. Man blocks most of her attacks. Every now and then she lands a hit. Gradually the amount of times she hits him increases. 

Stella is standing still. Closeups of her arms and legs blocking all his attacks. Some slow motion. Repeat this with Man. He blocks some and gets hit a few times.She also taunts him by holding her leg up with her shoe right in front him. She waves her foot around making him wonder when shes going to strike.

POV of Stella punching and kicking at the screen. She waits a few seconds as she gets into position for each hit. Very relaxed.

-When she knocks him on the ground, she stands and watches him recover and stand up again. She smiles while watching. Shots of her legs and mules with one foot arched.

-Throat lfit with shoe against his throat.

-If possible. At one point Man is kneeling on the ground. Stella stands behind him. She removes one of shoes puts her leg over his shoulder. She toepoints her foot next his face. Full view of her wrinkled arch. He looks at her foot wide-eyed. He tries to touch it. She grabs one of his fingers between her big toe and index toe and squeezes it. He cries in pain. She maintains the toepoint while doing this. Shots of her face smiling and laughing. She lets him go and puts her shoes back on.

-Can you do a scene during clip(part 1 or 2) where Stella puts her heel under his crotch lifts him off the ground. He still tries to fight her while hanging there. She laughs.

-Can you also do scene where she stands behind him and wraps one leg around his waist with the heel of her foot tucked under crotch. Shoes on. He can't move until she lets him go. She says one of her statements during this. Part 1

Part 2

-Later she grabs his shirt or his throat and lifts him up with one hand. He hangs there for a while with different angles of her legs. Then POV of her face. 

Stella: That was an excellent round Darling. You are a very good opponent for me. I want to try another round. This time its pure survival instinct. No holding back. Either hit or be hit.

This time she doesn't give him any time to recover. If he falls down she forces him to stand up again and makes him fight. She keeps punching and kicking whether hes ready for it or not. Every time he falls down she is already standing there making him stand up again. No pause.

-He is on his hands and knees. She stands in front of him and holds her shoe in front of his face. Side view close up shot of his face and her heel together in the frame.

She rotates her heel sideways. Off camera she is adjusting her stance for a sidekick. Close up of her face smiling. Close up of his face looking afraid. She bends her knee and kicks him 

-She grabs him by the shirt, forces him to stand in front of her and punches him so he falls backwards. Straight away she grabs his shirt again making him stand up and gives him 2 punches and a side kick. He falls down again.

Part 3

Stella: I also heard that you never give up. Even when you're beaten you fight to the end. I'd like to see it.

-She stands with one foot on the stool. Same camera shots as bionic custom scenes. Could you include her butt in the leg shots from behind with man visible. She watches him struggle to stand up after a brutal beating. When he stands up he looks at her leg. Closeup of her beckoning him to attack her. A few rounds of her blocking his attacks and punching him. He doesn't fall down. He just staggers backwards. At least one shot of her leg on the stool, and one of her arms blocking. and punching.

He starts walking backwards. She follows him. He trips over and continues crawling backwards. She still follows him. She grabs his shirt and makes him stand up. (''walking'' attachment)She just stands there and hits him freely like a punching bag. She finishes with a side kick. 

-Towards the end she sits on a chair and crosses her legs. She beat him so badly that he cant stand up. Close ups of her face, legs and heels. After a while he looks at her. Close up of her face. Then he starts using healing techniques to fix himself. Very gradually getting himself to the point where he can stand up. He makes sounds of pain all the way through this. 

Stella: Wow. That's very impressive

Camera cuts to closeups of different parts of Stella's body during this, including shots with him in background. Closeups of her face smiling in amusement as she watches him.

Stella: Can you still fight? It's up to you. I understand if you've had enough.

When he finally gets to the point where he can attack her again he charges at her in slow mo. More shots of her face and legs. Can you do one of her legs where he is seen running at her in slow mo. When he is close enough she kicks him in real time. Its a forward kick. But I want it to be implied that shes hitting him. The fight is at the point where she can win while sitting down. The camera is positioned so her foot comes into view when she points her leg forward. Locked knee. She holds her foot in camera view only for 1 or 2 seconds. (similar to clh shot attachment.)We don't see the man. Just her foot. Then we see him act like he got hit in a separate shot. He screams in pain. Then back to her foot going below camera view and coming back up into view for another kick. This is repeated several times.

Man falls down again. Stella stands up and walks towards him. She helps him to stand up and takes him to a nearby chair. She stands in front of him.

Stella: That was an excellent fight. You are definitely a good opponent for me.  I will be back to do this again sometime.

She puts her hands together and bows then walks off. Man just sits there.

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Stella vs Grand Master

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